Sandra Pica expands on the disease she suffers from after her continuous visits to the emergency room

Diseases of celebrities Sandra Pica Sandra Pica is not going through, not even remotely, an easy personal stage. Her health has generated great concern and finally the doctors have approached a clear diagnosis after the young woman’s last visits to the hospital the health of Sandra Pika has created quite a stir. The former contestant … Read more

Fanny Lu visits the puppies of Mauricio Leal and Marleny Hernández, “they could not be in better hands”

The Colombian singer, Fanny Lu, visited Mauricio Leal’s pets. Photo: @fannylu The death of Mauricio Leal continues to be a topic of discussion among citizens and more and more details are being revealed of what happened on the night of November 21, 2021 and the early hours of the 22nd, where the renowned stylist and … Read more