Erika Buenfil shows Victoria Ruffo’s mini waist, smaller than Thalía’s

It is always a good day to show off old photos of our beautiful memories, and more so on Throwback Thursday, or as it is known on TBT social networks, so Erika Buenfil wanted to share one old photograph what do we see her in next to the beautiful and beloved actresses, Victoria Ruffo and … Read more

Gabriela Spanic has a “smaller” waist after cosmetic surgery, says plastic surgeon

Actress Gabriela Spanic underwent cosmetic surgery due to the weight she lost after her participation in the show “Dancing With The Stars,” in which she appeared last year. The surgical process he underwent in mid-December was at the hands of Dr. Luis Gil, known for being the surgeon of celebrities since he has collaborated with … Read more

Adamari López boasts a waist smaller than Thalía in navel and jeans


Adamari López boasts a waist smaller than Thalía’s in a navel and jeans. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Without a doubt, one of the most pleasant surprises of this year was the incredible makeover that the beautiful Puerto Rican actress gave, Adamari Lopez, who, this time boasted his waistband smaller than that of Thalia in navel and … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s jean shorts perfect to highlight the waist


It sweeps. Jennifer Lopez it never ceases to amaze us. Shine, she’s in love with Ben affleck again, she sang in public again and burst the box office after the pandemic, premiered a movie (“Marry Me”) and looks spectacular at 52 in a jumpsuit, bikini or casual. And when we thought we had seen it … Read more