Netflix gives a warning to Paris Hilton: time to renew or die

Paris Hilton faces a setback to start the year: Netflix has canceled the cooking series that he starred in in 2021. under the title of In the kitchen with Paris Hilton, This reality show hit our screens in August of last summer with the well-known celebrity trying out a variety of recipes along with guests … Read more

The controversial congratulations and warning of Aislinn Derbez to her brothers for their absence at Christmas

Aislinn, Vadhir and José Eduardo, children of comedian Eugenio Derbez (Photo: Special) Aislinn derbez sent a forceful message to Vadhir and José Eduardo. The brothers were absent for the classic photo with Santa Claus that the Derbez dynasty has performed for some years. The actress did not keep anything and went directly against her relatives. … Read more