Acusan a un diario de presionar a la actriz Rebel Wilson para que saliera del armario

La actriz Rebel Wilson reveló este viernes que tiene una relación con la modista Ramona Agruma. Un medio australiano enfrenta críticas tras supuestamente presionar a la actriz Rebel Wilson para que revelara su relación con la diseñadora Ramona Agruma. La intérprete, conocida por sus papeles en Pitch Perfect y Bridesmaids, anunció este viernes en Instagram … Read more

Rebel Wilson and her INFALLIBLE secret to lose more than 35 kilos of weight

In just two years, the life of actress and comedian rebel wilson It has taken a 180º turn, since it has left after a stage of “funny chubby” to show off a statuesque figure. And it is that she herself has taken it upon herself to share that when she made the decision to change … Read more

Rebel Wilson after losing 35 kilos, wears a tight dress

Rebel Wilson after losing 35 kilos, wears a tight dress Recently the famous actress and comedian rebel wilson She has worn a tight dress after having lost more than 35 kilos, letting herself be seen happier than ever after this great change. It should be noted that the beautiful 42-year-old actress showed off in a … Read more

Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson reveal they had open relationships with Luke and Owen Wilson

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The story of Rebel Wilson in Hollywood before and after losing weight deserves reflection


After earnestly seeking to improve their health and eating habits, rebel wilson It has given a major makeover in recent years. Since she announced her intentions in 2020, the actress from Giving the note or JojoRabbit has lost more than 30 kilos and shows an almost unrecognizable appearance, being a case that is showing us … Read more

Rebel Wilson unmasks the cliché of the “funny fat woman” that downplays plus-size women


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Why Owen Wilson Doesn’t Want To Meet His Three-Year-Old Daughter Lyla


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