A Florida woman thought she was divorced. He didn’t know his lawyer was a forger

Brittany Loper was arrested as Brittany Cooper. HAMILTON COUNTY POLICE A former attorney from the West Florida town of Jasper has been indicted on 22 felony counts, two names by which she goes by, while also having 11 Florida Bar disciplinary cases open in her against. In one of the cases, a woman appears who, … Read more

Urdangarin, husband of the Infanta Cristina, after her photos with another woman: “We are going to manage it in the best possible way”

Urdangarin husband of the Infanta Cristina after her photos with

The Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín, walking through Barcelona, ​​last November The marriage is broken. There seems to be no turning back. The face of the eldest son of the Infanta Cristina, Pablo, was, on Wednesday, a poem. The cold reaction of the Infanta Elena, Cristina’s sister, a clue. Everything that transcends the environment of … Read more

He posed as Nicolas Cage and stole $13,000 from a woman on Facebook

He posed as Nicolas Cage and stole 13000 from a

American actor Nicolas Cage. EFE/Quique Garcia/File A scammer posed as actor Nicolas Cage to trick a woman on Facebook and not only make her believe that she was talking to the real celebrity, but they had a love relationship, all to steal 10 thousand pounds sterling, about 13,656 dollars. According to the Victim Support charity, … Read more

Viviana Saccone shared a topless photo along with a deep reflection: “I am a woman who loves herself”

Viviana Saccone shared a topless photo along with a deep

Viviana Saccone (Instagram) Viviana Saccone proved to be a woman who lives completely free of prejudice. In fact, being one of the most prestigious actresses both for her leading roles in soap operas and for her work in film and theater, last year she had no problem being part of The academy from ShowMatch and … Read more

After rumors of romance with a friend of Pampita, Benjamín Vicuña uploaded a tender photo with another woman

After rumors of romance with a friend of Pampita Benjamin

Benjamin Vicuña In the middle of the versions that indicate that he would be dating a friend of Pampita, Benjamin Vicuña He shared an image with another woman on his social networks. In the Instagram post, the Chilean actor is seen sitting at a table with his mother and with a message at the bottom … Read more

She is a young woman, she took a photo with Rodrigo de la Serna and showed the tip she left: the hilarious reaction of the users

1640651586 She is a young woman she took a photo with

Rodrigo de la Serna was a trend again on social networks by a photograph that was taken with a girl in the restaurant where she works. It is the second time in the month of December that the actor is mentioned by thousands of users thanks to the fans who coincide with him in public … Read more

Rebel Wilson unmasks the cliché of the “funny fat woman” that downplays plus-size women

1639187104 Rebel Wilson unmasks the cliche of the funny fat woman

The actress Rebel Wilson, has declared in various media how challenging it has been to carry out her goal of losing weight. He has managed to lose more than 30 pounds, for which has been news, but she has made it clear that it was her own decision that even her work team rejected. “I … Read more

Khloé Kardashian, in shock after learning that Tristan Thompson could have had a child with another woman

It seemed that between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson everything was calmer. In fact, in these months there had been talk that they were thinking of giving a little brother or sister to their three-year-old daughter True. Nevertheless, the basketball player has been embroiled in a scandal which has caused a huge stir in recent … Read more

Trump’s new attack on a well-known woman: Against whom did he go?

Trumps new attack on a well known woman Against whom did

Getty Images Trump spoke of Queen Elizabeth in interview Donald trump has always been a character very controversial, and this time, during an interview Awarded to presenter Nigel Farage, which was broadcast on British television Wednesday night, he was launched at one of the former members of the Royal Family: Meghan Markle. The former president … Read more

15 years of virtual “relationship” with a woman who did not exist: this is how this famous athlete ended up scammed and in debt

15 years of virtual relationship with a woman who did

Roberto Cazzaniga was convinced that he had a long-distance relationship with a woman named ‘Maya’, with whom he had a virtual “bond” for 15 years. ‘Maya’ made him believe that she was a supermodel, that she was in love and committed to him. In fact, the well-known former player of the Italian volleyball team and … Read more