“I can’t have a child like that”: Yahir attends therapy due to addictions and intimate videos of Tristán

Tristan Yahirs son confirmed to be bisexual and debuted on

Yahir informed that he will not support his son Tristán until he makes the decision to change (Photo: Special) Tristan Othon Fierros, first son of the famous singer emerged from The academy, Yahir, has caused endless controversy since he reappeared in the media and social networks after allegedly overcoming his drug addiction. In various interviews, … Read more

Tristan, son of Yahir, declared himself bisexual

Tristan son of Yahir declared himself

The relationship between Yahir and Tristán was never the best due to his mental illnesses and addictions that arose from a young age (Photo: Instagram / @ tristan_gss) Tristán Othon Fierros, son of the renowned singer Yahir, was once again on everyone’s lips with his reappearance in the media when talking about his sexual orientation, … Read more