Yalitza Aparicio y la injusticia de tener que dar explicaciones por unas fotos en bikini

Yalitza Aparicio. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Yalitza Aparicio no deja de ser noticia. Desde su actuación en ‘Roma’ de Alfonso Cuarón que le mereció una nominación al Oscar, muchas de las cosas que hace, proyectos artísticos, sus adelantos como activista, e incluso aparecer en traje de baño en redes sociales, suelen estar en el ojo del huracán. … Read more

Yalitza Aparicio is confused with a domestic worker and fans come to her defense: “She has an academic degree”

Yalitza Aparicio She is a teacher by profession, but rose to fame for her participation in the film “Roma”, a project that earned her an Oscar nomination in 2019. However, a few days ago her name was seen in the scandal because a journalist in Mexico mistook her for a domestic workera comment that provoked … Read more

Yalitza Aparicio moves the “boat” on TikTok and overshadows Jennifer López with her peach


Yalitza Aparicio moves the “boat” on TikTok and overshadows Jennifer López with her peach | Special: Instagram Oaxacan actress Yalitza Aparicio, appeared moving the “boat” to the rhythm of a sticky cumbia on his official TikTok account and his ardent fans assured that overshadowed Jennifer Lopez with her prominent peach. The 28-year-old actress is one … Read more

Journalist congratulates Yalitza Aparicio for the Day of Domestic Workers; criticism rains down on him


Despite the solid career that the actress and activist of Mexican origin Yalitza Aparicio has forged, the criticism is not going to stop at any time, much less the discrimination. It was in 2018, when Alfonso Cuarón bet on the talent of the star of Oaxacan origin to star in the award-winning film “Roma” where … Read more

Is Yalitza Aparicio a millionaire? She herself clarifies how much her fortune amounts to


It was in 2018, when the world knew the talent of one of the most popular Mexican stars of the moment, because Alfonso Cuarón gave Yalitza Aparicio the opportunity to star in “Roma”. It should be noted that the rise to fame has not been easy for the 28-year-old star, as he has had to … Read more

Yalitza Aparicio will star in series on Apple TV


Getty Yalitza Aparicio in Apple TV series Yalitza Aparicio continues to inspire with her life story, now the Mexican will star in the first series in Spanish produced by Apple TV, but What is this story about? Yalitza Aparicio became known worldwide by starring in the film “Roma” by director Alfonso Cuarón, all the spotlights … Read more

Yalitza Aparicio responds to those who criticize her for wearing branded clothing: “We can also afford ourselves”


Yalitza Aparicio She never imagined being an actress, let alone becoming an internationally recognized celebrity who has stood out not only in the world of cinema and entertainment in general; However, after the resounding success he obtained in the movie “Roma” and an Oscar nomination, other proposals came to his life to venture as a … Read more

Superholly and Yalitza Aparicio: this is how the controversy that left Galilea Montijo in a bad light was settled


Yalitza Aparicio and youtuber Superholly met in a cafe in Mexico City to talk about the teachers who had the most impact on their lives. (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images) A few weeks ago the name of Holly Tuggy, better known as Superholly, was on everyone’s lips and was a sensation on … Read more

The best memes of Galilea Montijo for the meeting of Yalitza Aparicio and Superholly


Yalitza met SuperHolly in a cafeteria in Mexico City (Photo: IG @hollyradio) Galilea Montijo became a Twitter trend after Yalitza Aparicio and super holly got together to record a collaboration. The reactions of the tweeters did not wait because a few days ago the television presenter, the actress and the youtuber were involved in the … Read more

Galilea Montijo defended Yalitza Aparicio after the criticism she received for her pronunciation in English


Photo: Darkroom IG @radioholly After the controversy that was unleashed by a video that he published super holly on his YouTube channel where he criticized the pronunciation of Yalitza Aparicio in the English language, Galilea Montijo He launched himself against the influencer in defense of Latin American artists who have taken their careers to the … Read more