Zendaya is the key to the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

The trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp splashes Zendaya. The Spider-Man actress could end up being key in the final verdict. The defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp Y Amber Heard keep going. This morning we learned that the actor was key to the casting of Mere in Aquaman. The controversy has been generating headlines … Read more

Zendaya, the story of the Disney girl who succeeded as an addicted teenager in ‘Euphoria’

Just as the strange Winona Ryder was the icon of generation X and the hyperconnected Emma Watson, the millennial girl, it is seen how Zendaya is the figure that outlines, advances and it is planted in the role of centennial queen. From disney girl, went on to be one of the most influential young stars. … Read more

Los secretos de Tom Holland: camarero oculto en un bar, un momento oloroso con Zendaya y el vergonzoso pedido de su madre a los productores de “Spider-Man”

Tom Holland: cómo un chico que fue acosado en el colegio se convirtió a una estrella de Marvel (Reuters) Tom Holland inició su carrera artística en el mundo de la danza a los 11 años. Con una extensa trayectoria sin días de descanso, en muy poco tiempo se convirtió en uno de los intérpretes más … Read more

Tom Holland and Zendaya strengthen their romance with a big step

The young actors Zendaya and Tom Holland have become, together and separately, the figures of the moment. The couple, who began their relationship last year, decided to confirm the romance simply by appearing together in the promotional wheel of the huge success that is Spider-Man: No Way Home, a film that has them both as … Read more

Zendaya hits Hollywood in the face with the second season of ‘Euphoria’

The wait is over. Two and a half years after sweeping criticism and amassing fans around the world, Euphoria has returned with the premiere of its second season. The depressing but successful series of HBO Max On the decline of trauma and its impact on Generation Z America’s self-discovery, he once again flaunts his storytelling … Read more

Zendaya debuts new look: ‘It was time for a change’

Between the look changes that have recently released the celebrities we highlight Jennifer Lopez, for making her chocolate brown look even more rejuvenating than the highlights she wore until then. That of Jude Law’s daughter, Iris, does not go unnoticed either, because in the summer she surprised with her platinum blonde shaved hair, now has … Read more

ESPN humiliates Tom Holland and Zendaya in the broadcast of the Ballon d’Or gala

Zendaya and Tom Holland at the 2021 Ballon d’Or gala photocall (Photos: Marc Piasecki / WireImage | Aurelien Meunier / Getty Images) Tom holland and Zendaya They are one of the cinematographic couples of the moment. Not only because they are about to release a long-awaited movie like Spider-Man: No Way Home, but because the … Read more

Zendaya eclipsed at the Ballon d’Or for a detail of her dress and Nicolas Cage with a rocker look: celebrities in a click

Teleshow In addition, Ricky Martin visited an art gallery with her husband and Rihanna played a production to the limit to present her new line of pajamas Although all the spotlights were following the Messi family on the red carpet for the Ballon d’Or awards, the protagonists of the film Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom … Read more

Tom Holland and Zendaya confirm their love and explain why they didn’t want to go public

The whole world already knows Spider-man from Tom Holland and Zendaya’s MJ, two young twenty-somethings who have managed to win over the Marvel audience with their interpretations of two of the most represented characters in the world of comics. Since the first movie was released, rumors that something existed between them had spread like wildfireBut … Read more

Tom Holland, Zendaya and the romantic contradiction of the year

Tom holland and Zendaya They are not only news for The expected Spider-Man: No Way Home, but the two protagonists of this successful Sony and Marvel franchise are giving a lot to talk about when it comes to their personal lives. Recently both They were caught by the paparazzi kissing in a car, a photograph … Read more