Thalía received strong criticism for the appearance of her face: “The botox was good”

Thalia is 50 years old (Photo: Instagram/@thalia)
Thalia is 50 years old (Photo: Instagram/@thalia)

One more time, Thalía is involved in the controversy over a photograph that she published on her social networks. On this occasion, the Mexican artist was harshly criticized by the appearance of your face because it was supposedly swollen, a situation that unleashed endless conflicting opinions about the aesthetic processes that would have been carried out and the results obtained.

It all started a few days ago, when the protagonist of Maria from the neighborhood He visited his Instagram profile, as he normally does, to upload a photograph of his daily life. In this case, she shared a postcard where she appeared sitting on a special exercise device while enjoying the company of her pet. The singer looked stunning in a fluorescent yellow sports outfit and gray tennis shoes.

Don’t leave me for a second! Even when I’m exercising, he’s nosy”, he placed inside the post. Regardless of the vibrant color of the clothes, the details of the private gym, or the sweet phrase she wrote, what caught the most attention was her face because she looked a little different. At first, the actress received positive comments about her publication, however, as the minutes passed, the opinions turned negative.

This was the photograph that sparked the rumors.  (Capture: @thalia/Instagram)
This was the photograph that sparked the rumors. (Capture: @thalia/Instagram)

Why does the face look so weird…”, “That given in the mad*e you hit yourself in the face”, “Her face was so angelic, she doesn’t look like the Thalía of the novels“,” Thalis no longer inflate your cheeks, you look strange “,” What happened to my beautiful Thalia’s face “,” were some impressions.

The comments continued and Thalía did not respond, so some users of the platform began to speculate about a possible aesthetic treatment that she would have undergone to try to erase some lines of expression, in particular, they pointed out that it could be Botox, a fairly common treatment. currently.

I can see you got botox! Just don’t exaggerate eh, like Guzmán, please ““Too much Botox that you can’t even see her eyes anymore”, “You are too beautiful to damage your face by applying things…”, “Botox or whatever you put on was good”, “Lyn May” they wrote.

Days later, Thalía looked like this.  (Capture: @thalia/Instagram)
Days later, Thalía looked like this. (Capture: @thalia/Instagram)

Some even dared to compare the image of Thalía with the face of Lyn May, a Mexican vedette who is currently suffering from the ravages left by the cooking oil that was injected into his face when he was young. Others positioned themselves in favor of the singer, but warned her of her by remembering that Alejandra Guzmán almost lost her life because they gave him one methyl methacrylate substance between the subdermis and the muscle to enlarge your buttocks.

So far, the protagonist of Marimar He has not made any statements in this regard and continues to upload content on his Instagram account. Days later, she published a couple more images where her face could be appreciated more clearly, but the criticism did not stop and at that time the naturalness of her lips was questioned.

Although Thalía tries to keep her private life away from the spotlight, on some occasions she shares details of the aesthetic treatments she undergoes. At the beginning of 2019, the interpreter of I don’t remember impressed his Instagram followers with two videos where he showed part of a deep cleaning and massage procedure that had the function of counteracting the traces of age.

(Photo: Instagram/@thalia)
(Photo: Instagram/@thalia)

“It’s like a cupcake”, commented the actress in her video while they put a little cream on her face. Thanks to those details that she has with her social network followers, it is known that she usually does access aesthetic procedures but tries not to be too invasive.


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Thalía received strong criticism for the appearance of her face: “The botox was good”