The 100 million dollar lawsuit that Antonio de la Rúa filed against Shakira and that never took effect


One of the most commented romances in public opinion and social networks was the one formed by Shakira and the Argentine businessman, Antonio de la Rúa, who also played a fundamental part of the Colombian’s career. All this ended in 2011, the year in which that marriage ended, leaving several legal disputes that very few know about.

More than 11 years lasted one of the most commented links of the first decade of the 2000s in Latin America, because while the Barranquilla career rose like foam, her husband helped her in different fields, thus shaping a romance that, for many, it was dreamy. After their separation, the singer confirmed that their bond as partners would continue. “Our friendship and understanding are indissoluble and incorruptible”, the Colombian mentioned.

However, the legal problems began and the one who initiated the series of disputes was Rúa himself, by suing his ex-partner for 100 million dollars – almost 400 billion Colombian pesos, doing a current conversion-, according to the portal Vanitatis. The reason for the action: supposedly to be the main cause of the Colombian’s worldwide success.

In response, Shakira collapsed such claims with an email stating that he had no relationship with her businesses; what’s more, it was shown that both signed a contract where the agreement of the financial obligations of each other was discussed On a stage where they had to part That lawsuit ended in nothing.

On the contrary, in 2013 a court in Geneva -Switzerland- denied the son of former president Fernando de la Rúa access to one of Shakira Isabel Mebarak’s accounts and which he claimed had benefits as a result of the businesses made by her .

Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, when they were together
Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, when they were together

The woman’s ‘counterattack’ was not minor and she sued de la Rúa for damages, in addition to theft. He asked for an amount close to six million dollars -more than 23 billion current Colombian pesos-.

Additionally, in 2016 it became known that in 2016 both allegedly disputed a property acquired in Punta del Este -Uruguay-, a fact that was denied from the Argentine side.

After this series of complaints, there was an absolute silence in the environment of both parties and each one continued with his professional and sentimental life: while she began a relationship with the defender Gerard Piqué, the businessman and lawyer repeated the Colombian formula and He started an affair with DJ Daniela Ramos.

Grosby Group 164
Grosby Group 164

On the relationship between the footballer and the singer It was speculated even before her separation with the Argentine, and before each question that was asked in press conferences, the interpreter of the ‘Waka waka’ mentioned that they were only rumors and “hazards of the trade”. However, those assumptions marked the course of what is currently one of the outstanding commitments in the world of football and music.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the link between Shakira and the renowned businessman left a difficult goodbye and ‘January Day’, a song that was a love letter from her to him, and a series of contrasts that are defined in the media focus: while the artist is one of the musical references of Colombia, his ex-partner is rarely mentioned and he shares images discontinuously on his Instagram profile, where it has only nine thousand followers.

On the part of the son of the former president of La Rúa, she had two children with Ramos, but this relationship also ended and she herself confirmed it in 2019, leaving two children as a result, Zulu and Mael.


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The 100 million dollar lawsuit that Antonio de la Rúa filed against Shakira and that never took effect