The 5 Kourtney Kardashian bikinis that raised the temperature in networks

Kourtney-Kardashian |  Getty Images

Kourtney-Kardashian | Getty Images

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The Kardashian surname is one of the best known worldwide, since the fame that each of the sisters has amassed has been reflected not only in their fortune, but also in the community on social networks they have built. Such is the case of the first-born daughter of Chris Jenner, kourtney kardashianwho She is considered one of the most acclaimed women in the world of entertainment..

Despite the back and forth in which she has been involved, the famous has conquered the hearts of the public thanks to her beauty, for which she has more than 162 million followers on Instagram, who do not miss any of her publications. .

Through her Instagram account, Kourtney Kardashian has delighted her fans with countless photographs in which, in addition to revealing her luxurious lifestyle and movie vacations, She has shown off her stunning figure.

For this reason, we share with you a count of those postcards in which the founder of “Poosh” left more than one with their mouths open.

daring selfie

At 42 years old, Scott Disick’s ex-partner has become an inspiration for those women who take care of their figure without resorting to surgery.

Proof of this are some selfies in which he has not been afraid to expose one or another “imperfection”.

business and pleasure

From the beach and clad in a sensual black bikiniKourtney Kardashian gave a lecture on how to celebrate the performance of her collaborators, as she took them to enjoy the sun and sand in a paradisiacal tourist destination.

This trip was a way to commemorate the work and effort that his team has contributed to achieve the success that his brand “Poosh” has had among the public.

Family vacation

Another of the bikinis that sparked a furor among Internet users was the one that the eldest of the Kardashian sisters used during her getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

It was the first family trip between her and her fiancé Travis Barker, where They took the opportunity for their children to live together and they will get used to the presence of the other, now that they will say “yes” in front of the altar.

I swim in the moonlight

What better than a night swim session with the sound of nature in the background? For Kourtney Kardashian this is one of his favorite activities, as he let it be seen in one of his publications.


The famous Instagram account not only shows a “little taste” of her day to day, because through it she also makes occasional trips to the past so that her followers know a little more about her.

Here is a postcard that belongs to the year 2005, when the Kardashian family once again chose Cabo San Lucas to enjoy their vacations.

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The 5 Kourtney Kardashian bikinis that raised the temperature in networks