The beautiful “Cuban” will arouse much jealousy in some recent postcards

Livia Britoshowed all her beauty in some flirtatious images on the edge of a pool from where she captivated her millions of subscribers on social networks.

the pretty”cuban actress” Figure wrapped in a towel by the pool and some of her charms did not go unnoticed, the famous actress of “The Heartless” cross-leg model capturing eyes in a set of postcards.

With only a white towel that covered her silhouette and her hair, the remembered actress of “Triumph of Love“Novel in which Livia Brito debuted in 2010, she let herself be captured before the camera in three photos that she shared on Instagram from where her 6.8 million followers were able to witness her beauty and toned legs.

Everything in life is possible if you believe it, so never throw in the towel and if you do, let it be on the beach to lie down and sunbathe. #liviabrito #enjoy #live #believe it #bebédeluz ..


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Livia Brito wrapped in a towel, has fun from the pool. Photo: Capture Instagram

The “originally from Ciégo de Ávila, Cuba”, who was born on July 21, 1986, fascinated the members of her virtual community, who did not let much time pass to react to the postcards of the actress of “Medical: Lifeline“, who is shown with a tray at his side and a healthy orange juice in hand.

With emojis, comments and various reactions, the virtual community of the actress of the play “The postman“, they showered her with affection accumulating 122, 232 likes in the publication shared 13 hours ago from the @liviabritopes account

“Great photo love from Venezuela!…Marco, You are a beauty, Precious, Beautiful, If I tell you that you are BEAUTIFUL rest assured that the ROSES will be JEALOUS my beautiful lady, Cubanita bella, greetings, Beautiful, People, you can help me just taking a look at my work? It’s the only thing I ask for and the rest depends on what you’re born with, Divaa, Bella and that’s 100 everything in this life is possible I adore you, Good morning Beautiful, Hello beautiful greetings baby,”

The faithful assiduous to the fitness life has shared with her faithful LIVIAnados, the fruits of her training through images or videos that she publishes in the midst of her frequent activity on social networks.

The “tik tok queen“, has become an “influencer” who not only shows her beauty but also gives a series of tips for a healthier lifestyle and even her fans can join her fitness challenges with her partner and personal trainer, Mariano Martínez .

Now, after several months, the famous interpreter of “Yolanda Cadena” in “La Piloto” (2017-2018), is proud of her current figure, which looks even slimmer and which she recently boasted in an image she captured from your closet.

The remembered presenter of “Dancing for a Dream“, appeared with a short pink robe that exposed her marked legs and that at the same time allowed to distinguish the several kilos that the actress of Abismo de Pas!ón (2012), That I love you I love you (2013-2014) or Italian Girl Comes to Marry (2014-2015) lost during these months.

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The beautiful “Cuban” will arouse much jealousy in some recent postcards