The chat that China Suárez sent to Mauro Icardi and the network he wove to contact him again was known

They gave details of China Suárez’s strategy to write to Mauro Icardi (Video: “Partners of the show” – El Trece)

In the last hours, a new chapter of the scandal was opened that many called “WandaGate” and that revolved around the affair they had Mauro Icardi Y Eugenia The China Suarez during a vacation that Wanda Nara did with his sister Zaira, in September of last year. The infidelity of the soccer player transcended and generated a crisis in his marriage with the businesswoman, which they were later able to overcome.

However, on Tuesday night, Yanina Torres released a spicy information in THE M: “This weekend, China wrote to Mauro again. And Wanda grabbed him.”, sentenced the panelist. “Again Wandagate?” Asked the host Ángel de Brito, referring to the media whirlwind that usually results from each crisis in the couple. “Tomorrow I’ll develop it for you. If you see this chat, you die”, redoubled the wife of Diego Latorre.

Meanwhile, this Wednesday Luli Fernandez further developed the information in Show Partners and recounted the strategy that the actress used to write to the PSG player, who had her blocked. “I receive a WhatsApp, from an unknown number, with a screenshot that said ‘Hello and underneath, this unknown number sends me a message saying ‘Hello, how are you? I send you the capture of the message that China Suárez would have written to him, through a close friend of hers, to approach Mauro Icardi again”, said the panelist. In this sense, she also revealed that she contacted Wanda to ask her if this was true, but initially the media denied it. “She plays it down for me, she told me that she was doing very well with Mauro, and that she was arriving in Paris.”

In addition, the model revealed that Icardi took a screenshot of this message and sent it to his wife. “It is not that Wanda finds the message, but that Mauro sends it to him and suggests that this ‘hello’ is from China, because on another occasion the actress would have done the same from Juanma’s phone, her friend and hairdresser. Since the hairdresser is also blocked now, he has to go to another, ”she detailed about Juan Manuel Cativa, stylist and confidant of Suárez. And he made it clear that It was not the player who blocked this new contact, but from that number they blocked him when they learned that Wanda was already notified. And that, even, Nara was in charge of checking who it is.

They revealed who was the friend of China Suárez who wrote to Icardi (Video: “Partners of the show” – El Trece)

Minutes later, they revealed the identity of the owner of the cell phone from which the message for Icardi was written. “they tell him Stain La Torre, is a close friend of China, and it is from the phone that Mauro Icardi receives this ‘hello’ and several calls that Mauro does not answer and makes captures that he sends to Wanda”.

In that sense Paula Varela added: “China is such a friend of Stain They are like brothers, they are very close. And when was all of the WandaGate, he was also one of those who incited her.” “For me, what happens is that for China there was something pending and it doesn’t matter that they as a couple have decided to go ahead and she insists,” Luli analyzed.

Meanwhile, the former protagonist of ATAV will travel to Spain in the next few days, where she was invited to attend the Platino Awards, hosted by her friend Lali Esposito. And it is speculated that she could take the opportunity to visit Icardi in the French capital, despite the fact that the eldest of the Nara has already returned to her family home.


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The chat that China Suárez sent to Mauro Icardi and the network he wove to contact him again was known