The dress code that Jomari Goyso did not respect at Francisca Lachapel’s wedding

The last weekend, dressed up to host the long-awaited religious marriage of Y in what was one of the most anticipated events of Latin entertainment in the United States, so all the details were taken care of from start to finish.

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From the decorations, meals and guest list, it absolutely happened as planned, but there was something that did not go as planned, but not thanks to an unforeseen event of the workers or one of the bride and groom, but because of .

Despite the indications that the bride had given regarding the clothing that should be worn on each of the days of the festivities, the fashion expert decided to fail on the last one and present a very particular style.

the driver of "Wake up America" married Francesco Zampogna (Photo: Francisca Lachapel / Instagram)
The host of “Wake up America” ​​married Francesco Zampogna (Photo: Francisca Lachapel / Instagram)


For the last day of the celebrations of the marriage celebrated in the Dominican Republic, Francesca Lachapel indicated that all the guests should be dressed completely in white, but Jomari Goyso He didn’t want it to be that way.

Although the shirt she wore was mostly white, it had blue designs that made it look like the sky with its clouds, which did not go down very well with the bride.

And it is that in a video published by Goyso himself, Lachapel complains about his clothing, but all in a good mood, making it clear that his actions did not cause much discomfort, since they are friends.

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One of the most romantic details that has been known about this religious union are the vows that the television presenter expressed to her husband, in front of absolutely all her loved ones.

“I do not promise to be the perfect woman, but what I do promise you is that I will never give up on our relationship. One has to believe and have faith and we have to believe that we deserve these things. Anything that goes through our heads can go through our lives. I know what it’s like to be in dark moments, I know what uncertainty is, feeling lost, I know what it’s like to have someone kill your dreams, I also know that side. Dreams come true. It may sound trite, but it’s true.”said the driver.

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Unlike other companions of Francisca, Clarissa Molina He did not upload any posts or stories while at the wedding to his social media accounts, generating a lot of speculation about it.

The truth is that Molina did not go to the event, causing his fans to wonder why. To the bad luck of those interested, none of the parties involved has given that information. That is why many believed that some enmity had arisen between them, although that possibility would later be ruled out. .


During an edition of the morning “Wake up America”, He talked about a problem with his feet, which prevents him from wearing sandals.

According to her statements, she suffers from extreme dryness in her heels, giving that part of her body an unattractive appearance, forcing her to wear closed shoes. “I am aware of that and I put on a lot of cream, and when I am not convinced I walk with that part of the foot closed like with these shoes”she indicated, implying that she tries not to let this happen to her, but she still has to bear it.

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The dress code that Jomari Goyso did not respect at Francisca Lachapel’s wedding