The funny reaction of Paula Chaves to see the resounding change of look of her sister Delfina

Paula and Delfina Chavez
Paula and Delfina Chavez

Paula Chavez She was the hostess of the last Easter Sunday at her house in the north, where she lives with her husband, Pedro Alfonso, and her three children, Olivia, Baltazar and Filipa. There she received her family, according to the images she shared on her Instagram, a social network in which she has more than four million followers.

Although she is not used to showing too much about her family gatherings, since she chooses to keep her cell phone away to enjoy them, during the afternoon she took her mobile device and wanted to capture some moments. First, she showed her grandfather singing to her daughter Filipa de ella. Her great-grandfather and great-granddaughter sequence touched her so much that she wanted to share it.

His sister, the actress, was also present. Delphine Chavez, who surprised by showing his change of look: he left behind his classic brown and chose a tone in the range of red. The driver took the opportunity to joke about it and compared the hair color of the former protagonist of Argentina land of love and revenge with that of a dog.

Delphi and the reference (by reference) that led to the pelu”Paula wrote in her Instagram Stories and added a snapshot of her sister posing next to the phone where she had looked for photos of the dog with the color similar to hers. She even showed her profile, as well as the picture of the pet.

Paula Chaves' funny post about Delfina's new look
Paula Chaves’ funny post about Delfina’s new look

Weeks ago, the actress had used her Twitter account to tell a hilarious anecdote in which had had to ask Paula not to broadcast a “compromising” video that involved her. “My sister secretly filmed me when she told me that she was going to be a mother for the third time to put together a kind of compilation of the reactions of the whole family with background music to upload to networks. I swear on my life that she never fully understood why I refused to appear ”assured the youngest of the Chaves sisters without revealing the reason why she had no intention of spreading that video.

Immediately, that message on the social network reached several “likes” and different users asked the actress to share these images. “Delfina, we all want to see that reaction, let her upload it”; “Come on, Delfina, we’ve been waiting to see that video for two years”; “Since that day we are waiting for that video”, were some of the comments received by Chaves, who stopped responding. And he didn’t share that video either, of course.

At the beginning of 2020, after publicly announcing the pregnancy of her youngest daughter, Paula Chaves shared on Instagram the video she had made when she told her loved ones. And, as her sister had requested, Delfina did not appear there. For instance, there were the reactions of her husband, her father and her friend Mary Del Cerro: while at that time the producer was stunned, without reaction, to his father Miguel Angel he looked surprised. But the funniest attitude was her friend and colleague, who first distrusted: “Lie! Come on, idiot”. Then, noticing that it was true, they both hugged each other to celebrate the good news.

Meanwhile, although Delfina asked not to appear in that public video, she was not oblivious to the birth of her niece Filipa. she dedicated a touching post to his older sister On Instagram hours after his sister gave birth to their third daughter, he posted a picture of her with a message of admiration: “This woman gave birth to a 4,600 (kilogram) baby. My heart explodes with love, welcome Filipa”.


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The funny reaction of Paula Chaves to see the resounding change of look of her sister Delfina