The mishap suffered by Emilia Mernes during her trip to Italy with Duki: “Waiting to recover”

During her vacation in Italy with Duki, the singer Emilia Mernes suffered a mishap (Instagram)

After six months of encounters, disagreements, rumors and denials, Emilia Mernes and Duki bleached their relationship at the end of last year. The local trap benchmark was in charge of announcing it with an eloquent post on his Instagram account. A passionate photo that left no room for doubt and that immediately shot up in the cyberspace rankings, as fans of both parties celebrated the couple’s official bond and positioned the name of the couple at the top of Twitter trends. former Rombai.

Since then, everything is happiness between the two, que after attending the wedding of Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitmann they faced their vacations together and headed for Italy. But even in fairy tales there are usually buts, and not everything was rosy in his first days on the peninsula. Her fans had already noticed the low participation in networks of the influencer, who is followed by more than four million people. And during this Saturday, the explanation came in the form of stories.

Emilia began her story with a video in selfie mode, smiling at the camera and surrounded by stickers of butterflies, stars, and hearts. “I was reborn as the Phoenix,” he wrote at the bottom, as a prelude to the story he had to tell. “The second day I arrived in Italy, I got intoxicated. It was strange that everything was going very well. And well, I got intoxicated with pasta, which is my favorite food”, revealed the singer from Entre Ríos, who at the bottom wrote an encouraging message for her followers: “Now I’m better”.


“Imagine how intoxicated I was that I made a fever. But hey, here I am. It is done. Now to continue enjoying the trip”, continued the singer with some resignation, but hoping that the discomfort has been left behind. Then he added that he was living a dream by getting to know the European country and that he longed to be one hundred percent as soon as possible to be able to enjoy its typical gastronomy: “I’m waiting to recover to eat pasta again, obviously”.

The one who doesn’t seem to have any physical problems is your partner. Since the following video, this time without volume, shows Duki sitting in a typical Italian restaurant waiting for his dish to arrive. To qualify your wait, a half-filled glass of sparkling beer. “My love my Life”, The entrerriana wrote at the bottom, while zooming in on her boyfriend.

Duki and Emilia at the wedding of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner
Duki and Emilia at the wedding of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner

After endless rumors, Duki and Emilia whitewashed their romance one early morning in December. He was the creator of from the end of the worldor the one who published the romantic postcard where he is seen kissing the artist from the province of Entre Ríos. With a heart emoji as the epigraph, the post began to collect likes without stopping. In ten hours, it exceeded 2.3 million “likes”, and Emilia soon said present in the comments with great mischief: “Who will be that divine?”. In front of the mirror, they both melted into a kiss while Duki took the photo with his cell phone.

The wedding of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner was his first big public appearance. Despite the hermeticism that surrounded the wedding and the impossibility of attending the celebration with cell phones, Emilia was one of the most active in the preview, showing her look on networks, something that her boyfriend also did, although in a more demure way. . Where there were no brakes was in the celebration, when they took the stage and made the audience jump with “As if it didn’t matter”, the hit from which the rumors of a courtship between the two arose.


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The mishap suffered by Emilia Mernes during her trip to Italy with Duki: “Waiting to recover”