The most emotional congratulations from influencers for Father’s Day

Today is a very special day, as the father figure and the values ​​that they instill in their children are commemorated. On this Father’s Day, social networks are flooded with love, gratitude and, above all, memories. There are many familiar faces who have taken advantage of this important date to thank their parents and their husbands through social networks, with emotional messages and unpublished photographs. Without a doubt, an opportunity to proclaim love to the four winds.

Georgina Rodriguez

The influencer who is sweeping the Netflix, has opened his heart and, with a post in Instagram He wanted to show how much he appreciates his partner, Cristiano Ronaldo. “Every day by your side is happy and special. We love you infinity. Thank you for so much to the best father in the world ”, she has written the it girl Along with several photographs where you can see how their children enjoy with their father. The couple, who are in one of the best moments of their lives, have decided to expand the beautiful family they have. Gio is in the final stretch of pregnancy and soon they will be able to enjoy the twins they are expecting.

Mary Pombo

The contestant of The challenge She has also taken advantage of this day not only to congratulate ‘papín’ as she refers to her father, but also to commemorate the first Father’s Day of her husband, Pablo Castellano. The couple became parents of little Martín a little over a year ago and, as they have shown on their social networks, it seems that they are living one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. Likewise, the influencer has always shown in her Instagram the love he feels for his father and the very special relationship they share. That is why, on this important day, the Madrid woman did not want to miss the opportunity to also congratulate him with a photo of her wedding. “The men of my life”, she has confessed in the publication.

Tamara Beanie

The one who was a tronista in Women and Men and Viceversa has lived this day in a very different way. With a photo of her hand to the sky, Tamara has congratulated her deceased father on this special day, who has been one of the great pillars of her life. “A wish that I will never be able to fulfill, to extend my hand and feel yours grabbing mine, or a simple hug, to look into each other’s eyes for just two minutes, to tell you how much I love you and that there is no day that I think of you… i miss you dad”, he has written with melancholy in his account of Instagram. Along with the photo, he shared another snapshot of a happy little Tamara in her father’s arms. the influencer, who is going through a depressionis trying to draw strength from weakness to be able to be happy and knows that his father, wherever he is, is always with him.

pillar blonde

The new jury The challenge He has shared with his followers a nice family photo in which he has flattered the father of his children, calling him “father, friend, partner and love”. It’s been 10 years now that the couple has been showing their love for each other and sharing the best experiences of their lives, and Pilar did not want to miss the opportunity to remind them: “Today I want to remind you how much we love you and how special you make each moment to your side. I continue to give thanks for having such a good life partner and such a great father for my children. And, finally, thanks to life for having joined our paths”.

Paula Echevarria

the protagonist of Velvet finds herself experiencing motherhood again. almost a year ago, Paula and Miguel Torres welcomed the new member of the family, little Miguel Jr, with whom they have shared countless first times. Today, Father’s Day, Paula has made a compilation of videos where you can see the soccer player acting as “best father in the world”. An emotional publication where the complicity between the two is appreciated and that Miguel did not want to go unnoticed. “Although it seems that our life is summed up to live sleeping now we spend more time crawling and trying to walk”, she commented with a laugh.

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The most emotional congratulations from influencers for Father’s Day