The Playboy bunny who married an 89-year-old rich man and was left without an inheritance

Anna Nicole Smith She was a woman with great recognition in the American entertainment industry, she posed for various important brands and became the cover of the magazine ‘Playboy’.

However, his life was also marked by some tragic situations and others that were somewhat scandalous, such as his marriage with a man who wore him more than 60 years.

The woman, born in Texas, managed to overcome difficult situations in her childhood and adolescence to become one of the most acclaimed models and one of the most beloved celebrities. People not only admired her beauty, but also her talent.

He dreamed of fame and recognition, so much so that he achieved most of the professional purposes he had in his life: in 1993, he even posed for the cover of the men’s entertainment magazine ‘Playboy’, and started a acting career in movies of the time.

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However, his life was also marked by some big scandals.

One of the most notorious was that of his marriage with James Howard Marshallan American millionaire businessman 89 years old whom he married in 1994 at 24 years.

By then, the woman had a son, named Daniel, whom she had given birth to at the age of 17, and with whom she moved to her new partner’s house. Unfortunately, the man passed away a year after getting married and in his will he left nothing to whoever was his last wife.

The man’s assets passed in the name of his son, so the model did not hesitate to take the case to court and even to court to have some part of the inheritance. In the end, she did not make it and the fact became a scandal for the press at the time.

Despite those inconveniences and the comments that arose that she had married him for his money, the reality seemed to be very different, because in an interview for the medium ‘ABC News’ the actress commented: “He got me out of a terrible place and he cared about me and my son, and in return, I took care of him and loved him for it.”

tragic events

After going through difficult situations in her childhood and adolescence after growing up in a humble family, having to raise her son alone and working as a dancer in a Houston bar to survive; getting to fame was all a dream for Anna Nicolewho was actually called Vicki Lynn Hogan, but changed her name when she became a celebrity.

After going through the death of her husband, the woman decided to continue her life in the public eye through a ‘reality’ about her life, being one of the pioneers in these television formats.

Through ‘The Anna Nicole Show’, which was presented by ‘E! Entertainment’, Smith made his way into a new industry on the small screen. In this reality show, which revolved around her life, she appeared with her son, who was already a teenager at the time.

Through this production, she met the man who would become the father of her future daughter, the photographer Larry Birkheadwith whom some time later he began a relationship in private, of which very few people knew.

Birkhead went to live with the former Playboy bunny and spent with her the hard times she had to go through taking prescribed medications for various pains that afflicted her. Although she was not the only one who used them, because apparently her son Daniel was also medicated for depression.

Just after the birth of their daughter Dannielynn in 2006Daniel died of drug poisoning while accompanying Smith to recover from labor at the Houston hospital.

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The event left the model strongly affected, who just five months later, in February 2007, passed away from an apparently accidental prescription drug overdose. That’s why Birkhead has raised Dannielynn as a single parent.

The death of Anna Nicole, at the age of 39, left many fans of her personal and professional life dismayed, as the woman left a precedent with her appearances on television and in the cinema, as well as being a great icon that is still remembered by the Playboy fans.

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The Playboy bunny who married an 89-year-old rich man and was left without an inheritance