The relationship of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss that many describe as “explosive” and “iconic”

They were one of the most photographed relationships during those years by the paparazzi; and, even though he was 10 years older than herthe model already had a great career behind her and was considered a ‘heroine chic’.

This means that she was leading a new generation, she changed the modeling paradigms, the eyes were on her and, definitely, she was a representative figure for her lifestyle.

In turn, the famous was a ‘sex symbol’ thanks to the series that catapulted him to fame, ’21 Jump Street’.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss relationship

He was 30 years old, his career was on the rise, but his personal life was going through great obstacles.

On June 21, 1993 his break with Winona Ryder was announced and on October 20 of that same year, his friend River Phoenix died of an overdose outside The Viper Room.

The bar, owned by Depp, was the meeting point for the “rebels” of generation X; According to ‘Infobae’ that night they were going to play together.

For her part, she was 19 years old and was already the face of Calvin Klein and a new trend in modeling. Her nickname was The Tank (El Tanque), given her resistance to beer, says an article in ‘El País’.

Those who knew them affirm that both had a relationship of excesses. In fact, journalist Maureen Callahan, in her book champagne supernova, describes the courtship as follows:

“Their appetite for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and sex was voracious”

Arrests, breakups and more

It was on September 13, 1994 that the young people locked themselves in the presidential suite of The Mark hotel, in Manhattan, New York and destroyed it.

It was Roger Daltrey, singer of The Who, who complained about the noise they made in the room. A day later, he was arrested and paid 10,000 dollars in damages for a room that cost 2,200 a night, reads an article in ‘Infobae’.

There were many rumors that were read in the tabloids, that he blamed himself to protect her, that it was the result of an argument, that it was just one more night of excesses.

One way or another, the celebrities continued for a few more years; They broke up in 1996, after 4 years of relationship. According to the actor’s version, his breakup was due to his obsession with work since he already wanted to start a family.

She did not tell much about it, although she did confess that she cried a lot for their separation. In 1998 they are seen again at the Cannes Film Festival, with Kate in charge of destroying a room at the Hotel de Cap, who banned her from entering for life.

What has Kate Moss said about Johnny Depp?

In 2012, the model broke the silence for the magazine ‘Vanity Fair’, about her relationship with the actor.

“There’s no one who’s really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a while. I believed what he told me. As if I was like, ‘What do I do? He would tell me. And that’s what I missed. “I really lost that measure of someone I could trust. Nightmare. Years and years of tears. Oh, the tears…” she admitted.

Of course, he said he was lucky to meet him and be with him.

“I was lucky to be with Johnny… He taught me a lot about fame. He told me: ‘never complain, never explain yourself,'” he concluded.

However, after Heard’s statements, he has not commented on the matter.

Did Johnny Depp push Kate Moss down the stairs?

On May 5, 2022, during the Virginia trial, Amber Heard recounted how Johnny Depp allegedly tried to assault his sister Whitney in a fight that occurred in March 2015.

“She threw herself in the line of fire,” he said. “She was trying to get Johnny to stop. She had her back to the stairs, and Johnny swings towards her… I don’t doubt it for a second, I instantly think of Kate Moss and the stairs.”

He added that it was the first time in the entire relationship that he hit her in the face in order to save her sister from the situation and it was the security personnel who came between them.

This statement caused a lot of controversy on social networks because the guard, who had declared two days before her, and Depp himself, told a completely different version.

And, of course, the mention of the protagonist’s ex-partner triggered searches for the event that, in reality, was never reported or known about.

The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The defamation trial of the stars continues to be a trend; With a duration of six weeks, several secrets of their past relationship have come out.

Let’s remember that they met in 2009 on the set of the movie ‘The Rum Diaries’, however, and according to the words of both, it was until the press conference two years later that they began their relationship.

In 2016 they divorced and, in 2018, she wrote an opinion article in ‘The Washington Post’ about what victims of domestic violence suffer, being a representative of it.

This piece was “devastating” for the actor’s career, so in 2019 he filed two lawsuits; one against the newspaper ‘The Sun’ for defamation, since they called him a “wife beater” in one of his publications.

While the other went to his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for the same charges and with a compensation of 50 million dollars.

The first trial was in 2020 in the United Kingdom, in the midst of a pandemic, and it was when Amber Heard was first heard saying that her ex-husband and ex-partner of Kate Moss had pushed her down the stairs.

This is how the name of the super model joined the list of celebrities who have appeared during the weeks of April and May 2022.

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The relationship of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss that many describe as “explosive” and “iconic”