“The rings do not return”: Galilea Montijo advises Belinda not to return her engagement ring to Christian Nodal

The break between Belinda and Christian Nodal continues to be talked about on social networks, as their followers continue to speculate on the subject, creating rumors and sharing memes about the end of the controversial relationship.

However, the Mexican entertainment world has not been left behind and several celebrities have given their point of view before the surprising announcement of the separation of both artists.

Galilea Montijo was one of the first entertainment stars to comment on the breakup between Belinda and Christian Nodal and during the morning show Today He sent a curious message to the interpreter of Beautiful Betrayal.

From the beginning of their relationship, Belinda and Christian Nodal were characterized by the lavish gifts and large amounts of money they spent to show your love.

One of these expensive gifts, the engagement ring that Nodal gave the singer, has been the center of controversy on social networks due to its high price: approximately US$3 million.

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Many users of social networks ask that Belinda return the expensive gift to the singer of Goodbye Love and others consider that he should keep it since it was a gift that his partner gave him at the time as a promise of his love.

Faced with this controversy, the host Galilea Montijo gave her opinion and advised Belinda not to return the ring to Nodal.

“My loves, I have always told you, the rings are not returned. That is why they ask, they ask, because the stones stay, the men leave, the stones always have to stay”, commented Galilea Montijo.

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Raúl Araiza, also host of the program Todaydid not share his partner’s position and defended Christian Nodal by establishing that he did not believe that the singer had asked Belinda for the jewel back.

However, Galilea Montijo responded by assuring that there are men who do ask for the engagement ring back after a love break.

“There are men who do ask for it, eh, they asked me for the ring one day and I told him ‘but with pleasure’ and I threw it in his face. What is given, is no longer taken away, ”said the presenter.

For her part, the host Andrea Legarreta also joined the discussion and commented on the separation of Belinda and Nodal and highlighted the maturity of the regional Mexican music interpreter in this situation.

“Despite being very young, he seems very mature to me. And that he has already put out a statement, I think he is already talking about a final decision. It is sad that the love story is over, but they are young men, they can both continue their lives, ”he expressed.

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Belinda and Christian Nodal got engaged on May 25, 2021 after 9 months of relationship.

The popular Mexican singer proposed to Belinda with a ring valued at approximately US$3 million during a trip made by the couple to Barcelona, ​​Spain.

However, this Saturday, February 12 Christian Nodal announced his separation from Belinda and informed all his followers that the engagement had been definitively canceledthus creating endless rumors about the breakup of the couple.

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“The rings do not return”: Galilea Montijo advises Belinda not to return her engagement ring to Christian Nodal