The secret of success, according to Karol G

She is one of the urban music singers most loved by the public, her songs have traveled around the world and she has millions of followers. Throughout her career, she has achieved great musical successes such as “Mi cama”, “Ay, Dios mío!”, “Bichota”, ‘El Makion’, among others, establishing herself as one of the most important female voices of the moment. .

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Turned into a celebrity, Karol G is always in the sights of the press and her millions of fans who are aware of her professional projects and her personal life, such as the relationship between her ex-partner Anuel AA and the Dominican Yailin.

But not only is she talked about because of her romances, but also because of the great success she has achieved since she became known. Reaching the top of success has not been an easy road for Karol G, as she has recognized in various interviews that she has worked hard to achieve her goals. So what is the key to her success? The same interpreter of ‘Mami’ has the answer.

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Carolina Giraldo Navarro, artistically known as Karol G, is a Colombian singer and songwriter (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)
Carolina Giraldo Navarro, artistically known as Karol G, is a Colombian singer and songwriter (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)


Karol G has been characterized by telling part of her life in her concerts, as well as the story or memory that her songs have left her. This is how the Colombian singer talked about what her success means to her.

According to a video broadcast on social networks, Karol G spoke about his 16-year career and everything he has achieved so far in the music industry. And it is that the Colombian artist is one of the most beloved of the urban genre and her success is indisputable.

“I love to talk a lot, but if there is something nice that remains for me to do, after how blessed I feel, it is to tell you that I have been in my career for 16 years and now it is that I am doing these things that are happening to me” he said at his concert.

It was during a concert that the interpreter of “Tusa” wanted to show how grateful she feels for what she has obtained at 31 years old.

“Work hard at 20 so that you can have a good time at 30,” said the Colombian singer as advice for all her fans.

Apparently, this advice is part of Karol G’s success, since she barely passed the “third floor” and already has worldwide recognition in her career and has shown through her social networks that she enjoys her work.

Karol G’s words have been shared by hundreds of accounts on social networks, likewise, he has unleashed comments from users highlighting the words of the Colombian.

And it is that Karol G is currently one of the urban music singers most loved by the public, recognized for her songs “Mi cama”, “Ay, Dios mío!”, “Bichota”, ‘El Makion’, among others, which They are worldwide hits.


Carol G gave his firstconcert” when he was five years old, in front of a group of family and friends, while his father accompanied him on the guitar. In her clip, she is seen very excited and singing with all her might as her audience applauds her for her artistic streak.

The same “bug” was the one who shared the family recording with his followers through his official account in . The publication, of course, had millions of reactions, between “likes” and comments from his followers who highlighted the tenderness of the little girl. Carolina.

“January 1, 1996. My first stage, my first manager, my first fans. Dreams come true, what a chimba!”wrote Carol Gnostalgically and gratefully, in her post in the aforementioned social network.

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The secret of success, according to Karol G