The sinking of Prince Andrew casts doubt on the future of his daughters Beatriz and Eugenia

The British press specializing in royalty is always torn between two tendencies: either it crushes the characters —in most cases, with the collaboration of the crushed— or it tries to find a use or reason for them. Prince Andrew, who has managed to dodge accusations of sexual abuse to a minor at the expense of her mother’s purse, Elizabeth II, has already been condemned to social ostracism for life. The next question was obvious: What to do with her daughters, the princesses of York? When the youngest of both, Eugenia (31 years old), was seen in the middle of this month in the company of his cousin, Prince Enrique, in the sofi stadium Los Angeles to attend the Super Bowl together, speculation was unleashed. He was the first member of the British royal family to cross the ice curtain and visiting the Duke of Sussex two years after his frightened and exiled to the other side of the Atlantic with his wife, Meghan Markle.

If nothing else, it was a show of family solidarity, and “raised some hope that it might help heal the open wounds between the Windsors,” as Hilary Rose wrote in TheTimes. In the best case, other media with attribution to anonymous sources ventured, she could be the perfect ambassador to convince the queen’s wayward grandson to tone down the autobiography he is preparing to publish this year. The royal house doesn’t need another bombshell amid Platinum Jubilee celebrations (70 years of reign). In either case, the princess already had a role in the Windsor drama.

no one doubts that beatrice (33 years old) and Eugenia will accompany Elizabeth II and the most important members of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on June 2, when Royal Air Force fighter jets leave a trail in the colors of the Union Jack. The ceremony the Trooping the Color, with which the queen’s birthday is officially celebrated every year, will have special relevance in 2022, and the princesses will fill the void caused by the misdeeds of their father. But beyond those events, it is not at all clear what the role of the two women will be in the future tasks of public representation of the House of Windsor.

Andrés has fought all these years to preserve the relevance of his daughters, “two blood princesses”. It was decision of George VAlmost 100 years ago, the male line descendants of the monarch maintained the treatment of royal highness and the title of princes or princesses. The children of Princess Anne, Andrew’s sister, do not have that rank (or any other, because they have refused offers of various titles made to them and their mother, the queen). If the person who was during all these years the favorite son of Elizabeth II, the Duke of York, can no longer even claim to be addressed in public as “his royal highness”, he also has no legal or traditional reasons to demand that they go to his daughters the dozens of royal patronages that corresponded to him.

His mother stripped him of all those attributes when it became clear that Andrés should face the alleged victim of his sexual abuse in a US court. “It is evident that children should not inherit the sins of their parents, but the composition of the board of trustees of an institution is a decision that corresponds to the institution itself, which must decide who is more appropriate”, she has pointed out to The Sunday Times Stephen Bubb, director of the think tank Charity Futuresdedicated to preserving the sustainability of charities, so important in British culture.

Charles of England, the heir to the throne, has already indicated for years, through gestures, decisions and comments leaked to the press, his desire to reduce the number and functions of the most relevant members of the royal family. He wants a minimum core of people with public representation tasks when the day comes when Isabel II is not there, and Beatriz and Eugenia have a difficult time fitting into that new strategy. Despite the hopes of her father that the flight of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would open new spaces for her daughters, daily reality has been responsible for denying it.

In 2018, the princesses starred in an exceptional interview for the magazine fashion in which they defined themselves as “young women who try to build a professional career and have a private life… and who are also princesses.” Beyond their limited forays into the art world and a celebrity-studded social life, the exact job that either performs is not well defined, and more than salary, their pace of life seems to be financed by trust funds established in her name after her great-grandmother, the queen mother, and Elizabeth II herself. “We just need to make light and love shine in the world,” Eugenia told fashion in the famous interview. The adventures of her father, however unfair it may be, have forced the princesses to focus more from now on on love and work, and move away from the public light.

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The sinking of Prince Andrew casts doubt on the future of his daughters Beatriz and Eugenia