The strict rules that the nannies of the children of the Kardashian must comply with

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The family kardashian He has created an entire empire with his image, in addition, many of them have individual businesses that have made them much more millionaires. Of course when the family grows they cannot take care of all the chores and decide to hire nannies who require a series of rules that must be met.

Sure it is a very heavy job but also very well paid. Of course they are extremely careful when choosing the girls who will work with them because they will leave them in charge of the most precious thing they have in their lives despite the millions of dollars in their account: their children.

It is a very delicate and important responsibility that seems impossible to assume but they have found great allies after a strict selection process who help them with their babies every time they are busy with a large number of tasks.

Strict and absurd rules that the Kardashians’ nannies must comply with

1. Dress well.

They are indirectly part of the family, a family that dresses very well because they have cameras pointed at them all the time. Babysitters are required to dress comfortably but fashionable in case they get to photograph them with them or their children.

2. All babysitters must team up.

Each child has his nanny so It is very important that they get along well or at least know how to work as a team. The sisters have a very close relationship so they live together repeatedly.

3. It is necessary that they know about fashion and the latest trends.

In the selection process to choose them, they go through several previous steps with an agency. One of the requirements that stand out to be chosen is that they know fashion and dress according to current trends.

4. Not participating in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and their other series

We hardly get to see the Kardashians’ kids on the show and when they do, we see the moms taking care of them. No one would imagine that they have an army of nannies behind them. They are forbidden to appear in the series of the family.

5. They don’t have free time.

The Kardashian sisters ask that their time be one hundred percent dedicated to them and their children. They really have very little free time for a social life or to have their own family.

6. Do not take pictures of children.

They are prohibited from photographing the children of the Kardashian sisters, they have absolute control over their image so they will not be able to have a single photo of them that they can later sell.

7. They tell them where to stand.

They know that thousands of photographers and fans with cell phones are after them so they are the ones that tell you where and how to stand in case you stop somewhere.

8. They must always be ready.

It doesn’t matter what time it is, if the sisters request their services, they must be perfectly willing to attend to them even if that requires taking a plane.

9. They take care of tantrums.

The Kardashian sisters don’t have time to deal with tantrums. If a child cries or has a public or private tantrum, the babysitters are the ones who must take care of calming them down.

10. In addition to the children, they have to do other chores.

They must be prepared and willing to do anything that is indicated to them at the time that is required, even if it has nothing to do with the children. They can ask them to go shopping with them or help them choose an outfit.

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The strict rules that the nannies of the children of the Kardashian must comply with