The terrible loneliness of Queen Sofía at Easter: why none of her children and grandchildren accompany her in Mallorca

One more year, the
Queen Sofia offers a picture of terrible loneliness during his Easter stay at the Marivent Palace, in Palma de Mallorca. The photograph speaks for itself: what anyone who is not too well informed can conclude is that no member of the king’s family wanted to accompany the
queen emeritus on these short but meaningful vacations.


Queen Sofia’s most flattering looks

Letizia, Felipe and Sofía are not here, after suspending their traditional appearance at the Easter Sunday mass in the
Palma Cathedral, the scene of the remembered scuffle between queens, for logistical reasons and budget savings. Nor have they
featured by Marivent the infanta Cristina or the infanta Elena, although the former can be justified in her own family tragedy, with a
divorce announced by Inaki Urdangarin. And Elena? Why doesn’t she accompany her mother on these dates?

Without a doubt, we are facing one of those
family dynamics with an intrahistory that gets out of hand. However, if we presuppose a certain normality in the functioning of the king’s family, we can take a bit of iron out of the alarming headlines, with overtones of tragedy, about
the loneliness of queen sofia. Especially since she never travels alone, but with her favorite companion and best friend, her inseparable sister
Irene from Greece. Queen Sofia seems to prefer the company of her sister to any other and, in fact, both make plans together as if it were a marriage.

Queen Sofía, in company in Palma

Last year, under the same circumstances, they were accompanied by another close friend, their third cousin Tatiana Radziwill, daughter of Princess Eugenia of Greece, first cousin of Paul of Greece, Sofia’s father, and Sofia’s husband, Jean Henri Fruchaud , a prestigious French cardiologist. Holy Week does not mean an appointment with solitude for Queen Sofía, but it is
another social event. In fact, he will attend the annual benefit concert of Proyecto Hombre in the cathedral of Palma, like every year, and will go to shops and markets.
no drama.

It seems unfair to assume that infants
refuse the company of his mother, although several biographies have commented on the lack of warmth of their relationship and the great disappointment that the separations of both have surely caused. It is true that, right now, his concern is with the king emeritus, and in fact the sisters are going to travel to Abu Dhabi this Easter, on a visit of at least four days that will prevent the princesses Elena and Cristina
accompany his mother.

Why Queen Sofia goes to Palma de Mallorca

The truth is that Sofía insists on going to Marivent, her favorite residence and, in addition, the stage where the
tension with queen Letizia and became a double victim. Not only because of the scandalous private life of King Juan Carlos, but also because of the well-known scuffle with his daughter-in-law. Of course, this insistence on going to Palma de Mallorca at Easter may come from force of habit and commitments made or, some suppose, from a
cold revenge against Queen Letizia.

At the bottom of this disappearance of Letizia, Felipe and the infanta Sofía of Palma de Mallorca beats a
unavoidable tension between queens: the emeritus has struggled to maintain the customs that her family has sustained for decades, while the incumbent insists on deciding
your own schedule and establish where and how to spend your vacation. Queen Sofia’s commitment is understandable within her logic of ‘acting as if nothing were happening’,
ignoring the desertion of her own husband or the reputational debacle of the divorce of the infanta Cristina. For Letizia and Felipe, however, the strategy is to disappear.

Queen Sofia, protagonist

Rather than lend your vacation to a new
public scrutiny in Palma de Mallorca, they claim their free time to live it in the strictest privacy. Nothing that catches us off guard but, surely, an option that Queen Sofía prefers not to consider. The Queen Emeritus takes every opportunity to reaffirm and underline her status as
public figureand mother of the king. In his case, privacy implies invisibility and, by extension, a diminution of his
influence. We will not see her turning her back on an opportunity to be photographed as queen (emeritus) of Spain. She has dedicated her whole life to it.

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The terrible loneliness of Queen Sofía at Easter: why none of her children and grandchildren accompany her in Mallorca