The topless of Brooke Shields, at 56, who breaks many prejudices

Brooke Shields

Topless, sexy poses and advertising that claims beauty and sensuality at 50: Brooke Shields proved once again that you don’t have to fit into a mold or be young to be sensual. At 56 years of age, the actress and model was chosen by the famous brand of jordache jeans to star in the new spring summer 2022 campaign, and the result was more than positive: thousands of women supported the idea through social networks.

Shields has always been synonymous with beauty and over time has become a woman who seeks to break with the idea that only girls in their 20s can feel beautiful. She is active in social networks, she is usually shown in a bikini or fulfilling some physical activity routines.

With a past in the film industry and an iconic model of the 90s, Shields was encouraged this time to show her half-naked body: topless, from the back and wearing only jeans, Shields unfolds, under the slogan “You’ve Got The Look», all its sensuality.

Brooke Shields

“It is an honor to be my age and to be represented,” explained the actress in an interview with the American magazine People. “I feel the magnitude of this even more now. There is a knowledge that comes with age and this feels less like a job and more like a privilege.”

In addition to trusting that she made the express request that the images of the campaign not be retouched, Shields said that she feels more proud than ever of her body and that she did not have any inconvenience when taking off her shirt and bra in the photo studio to achieve the most daring images.

“It was important for them to see that this is my 56-year-old body and to fight retouching,” she said later. “I always say: ‘I hope they keep it real,’ and we did,” she detailed about his most recent work as a model.

A very different background

A few months ago, during his participation in the podcast armchair by Dax Shepard, the actress reflected on how she was sexualized in excess and recalled the controversial advertising campaign she did in 1980 for the Calvin Klein jeans brand, when she was just 15 years old. Do you want to know what’s between me and my Calvins? Nothing”, recited the teenager with a provocative voice. In another of her ads, she appeared lying down while a man tried to win her over and remembered that her mother had warned her that they would only be with her because of the jeans.

Shields recalled being surprised and “challenged” by the public, who immediately assumed that she knew the intent behind the commercials. “I think it was assumed that I was a lot racier than I really was.” “I feel like the controversy backfired, because the campaign was so successful. Afterwards, I think the brand’s underwear surpassed jeans, they understood what sells and how to set the limits. There was an undeniable appeal and they took advantage of it. They knew exactly what they were doing », she concluded.

A body that is also a symbol of recovery

In January of last year, and after returning from a paradisiacal vacation in Puerto Rico, Shields suffered a serious accident: while doing his gymnastics routine on a balance board, he lost his stability and fell on his right leg, breaking his femur, situation that had her two months without being able to walk.

After the hard blow, according to her own account, she could not feel her toes, so she immediately thought that she had been paralyzed. “It felt like everything was in slow motion and then I started screaming. Sounds came out that she had never heard before », she recounted in an interview with People.

Immediately, the protagonist of The blue Lagoon She was hospitalized and had to undergo multiple surgeries. In a first operation, two metal rods were placed (one from the upper part of her hip downwards and the other through the hip socket), but shortly after she had to undergo another operation to accommodate the upper part of the hip. femur that had slipped out of place: five more rods and a metal plate were placed in the bone.

Three months after the accident that changed his life, Shields began a complex recovery. From her house in her Manhattan, the actress underwent exhausting physical therapy to relearn how to walk. “For the first time in my life, I thought, ‘I’m not going to get through this.’ I can’t even stand on my leg or walk up a step. I need to learn to walk again. The feeling of helplessness is shocking », she commented in the interview with People.

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The topless of Brooke Shields, at 56, who breaks many prejudices