The uncomfortable reaction of China Suárez in her first public appearance after the scandal with Wanda Nara

The first public appearance of China Suárez after the scandal (Video: “Partners of the Show” – El Trece)

When it seemed that the scandal with Wanda Nara had been left behind, Eugenia The China Suarez was once again at the center of controversy. It is that on Monday night, they appeared terrible comments of the businesswoman against the ex Almost angels, in the last publication that Wanda had made in her Instagram. “That cat from China only knows how to sleep with married people! Mauro is not stupid, that’s why he told Wanda and left her to China for what she is, a gift cat”, “In Paris she took off her panties and her house became lonely”, “Icardi loves my body in his bed” and “I’m the sluttiest“, among others. And, as if that were not enough, then some were leaked captures of old chats between both women. In them, the good relationship that united them could be inferred.

The truth is the wife of Mauro Icardi reported being hacked and that this content had not been written by her. “At the time I talked about it directly with the person who had to talk about it. I have no problem with anyoneLuckily I was able to talk about things and I like to talk about them, as I am doing now, in my pajamas and as soon as I get up, clarify and show my face. I don’t hide, I never hid from anything or anyone. And I didn’t do anything wrong, ever.”assured in a release that he made as soon as he was able to recover his account.

Meanwhile, after the conflict between them was revived in the media – and even speculation was made about whether that hack was real or not – Suárez’s word became the most sought after. And this Tuesday the actress made her first public appearance on the private VIP function Official Competition, the new movie with Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez which will be released in the country on March 25.

China Suárez posed with Griselda Siciliani (Photo: Matías Souto)
China Suárez posed with Griselda Siciliani (Photo: Matías Souto)

The event, which took place at Cinépolis Recoleta, brought together various celebrities, but without a doubt all the attention went to China, who arrived together with the producer Marcelo Latorre, one of his closest friends. With a bag of popcorn and a soda in hand, he entered the room and enjoyed the film, but when he left he could not avoid the cameras.

This was shown in Show Partnersthe program that drives Rodrigo Lussich and Adrian Pallares in El Trece, where the images of the ex of Benjamin Vicuna somewhat uncomfortable by the presence of the mobilero, who asked her about her birthday celebration and, of course, about the publications that were made from Wanda’s account. However, she preferred not to answer and remained immovable in her position, despite the fact that at one point she could not find the exit from the complex.

In addition, figures of the stature of Griselda Sicilian, Ortega stick. Griselda Siciliani, Carla Peterson with Martín Lousteau, Cecilia Dopazo and Juan Taratuto, Pacho O’Donnell, Fernán Miras, Mike Amigorena and Sofía Vítola, Martin Piroyanski, Peto Menajen and Gustavo Garzonamong other.

Official Competition tells the story of a billionaire businessman who decides to make a film that will leave his mark on history, and to do so, he hires the best: a famous filmmaker (Cruz) and two actors (Banderas and Martínez) as prestigious as they are narcissistic. Both will not take long to confront each other, especially due to the demands imposed during filming by a rather eccentric director.


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The uncomfortable reaction of China Suárez in her first public appearance after the scandal with Wanda Nara