“They are seeing your face”, the comment that opened Nodal’s eyes about Belinda

After three weeks of confirming the news of the breakup of Christian Nodal and Belinda, the Mexican journalist Gustavo Infante told a little about what happened and what led Nodal to make the decision.

Although it was known that it could be about monetary issues, for a money that the singer had borrowed from Nodal, the journalist revealed that it was something bigger. According to the journalist’s account, Nodal made the decision to break up with Belinda after his mother, Cristy Nodal, carried out an audit to see her son’s expenses.

This happened after the couple arrived in Mexico after a trip to Spain. “Nodal began by giving away very expensive bags, coats, paying the employees to Belinda and others, and they went to Barcelona for three or four months. Belinda went with a staff of five people. So who do you think she paid him the staff to Belinda? Who do you think he paid for Belinda’s car in Barcelona? Who do you think she paid for her hotel, her house, her car? Nodal, everything, ”she assured.

These events caught the attention of the mother and the accountant, who began to investigate the gifts that he had given Belinda and inquired about the amount of money that was being spent. In that he pointed out that they began to review the invoices that Belinda gave the artist, check where they came from and verify if they were real or not.

The Nodal accountants begin to investigate where the money was going and why they were spending so much. That the invoices that Belinda gave him where they came from. Just look at whether the invoices that Belinda gave you were real or not real. I don’t know if they detected if some weren’t real, but Nodal began to claim Belinda”, he stressed.

Finally, he said that Christian Nodal’s mother was the one who was in charge of making her son see, with papers in hand, that what was happening was not correct.

“Nodal began to pay and pay and when his mother found out, she said: ‘Oh, oh, that’s not how things are, and my son can’t be paying for all of this.’ And they talked to him, they audited Nodal’s expenses and told him: ‘He’s looking at your face,’” she added.

The song that Christian Nodal premiered after his breakup with Belinda

Christian Nodal surprised with the launch of his new single titled We no longer are and will not be. On his Twitter account, the Mexican singer shared his joy for the new musical projects for this year.

They don’t know how my chest fills with happiness. Finally, after almost two years of saving so much music, this Friday the 18th my music begins to come out. Thanks to all my fans for the patience, love and support!” Nodal wrote.

His post on Twitter, where he has more than 573,000 followers, has received all kinds of comments about his already ended relationship with Belinda. While some followers insist on reconciliation and congratulate him on his new single, others criticize that the release was just within the media framework of the break with the artist.

The official video of the song already has 297,925 views on YouTube and has received comments such as: “What a good time to release this song” and “this song comes at the best time.”

“His personal life doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters to me is how talented he is, everything he does touches the soul,” said Tania Rodríguez Cazares.

“Amazing! Lyrics and composition at the best time. Congratulations! God Bless you and much encouragement”, shared Jessica Robles.

“Outside the gossip, you are an extraordinary singer and performer, and that is what matters to me about you,” wrote Erliz Bpm.

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“They are seeing your face”, the comment that opened Nodal’s eyes about Belinda