They reveal that Ninel Conde’s daughter is “ashamed” of her famous mother

Sofia, the daughter of the Mexican singer and actress, Ninel Count Apparently he goes from party to party and lives excesses, in addition to allegedly he’s “ashamed” of his famous mom.

And it is that Ninel Conde seems that the luck that he had in “Your face is familiar to me” is not the same in real life, since the famous Mexican singer and actress has been involved in controversy, first because of her relationship with Larry Ramosaccused of fraud.

Then his legal fight for the custody of his son with his ex-partner Giovani MedinaNow apparently the relationship with his eldest daughter Sofía is not the best.

Ninel Conde goes from party to party, publishes a Mexican magazine

According to what was published by the TVNotes magazinea friend of Ninel’s daughter declared that Sofía is a rebellious young woman who spends her time at parties and lives in excess.

Sofia, 25 years old, She is the eldest daughter of Ninel Conde, the result of her relationship with the Mexican actor Ari Telch.

According to the source consulted by the magazine specializing in shows, Sofia is untrapped living her youth.

“It’s untied. She says that she is working, but in reality I don’t see her doing anything, just getting drunk, because she loves partying. (…) ”, declared her alleged friend.

Sofia studied abroad, but has long since returned to Mexico, where she has allegedly become rebellious, although she appears to lead a normal life, it seems that the reality is different, according to revelations made by a person close to the daughter of the “Bombón assassin” .

Resentful with Ninel Conde

According to the source, Sofía resents Ninel Conde, because since she was a child she was teased for her mother’s way of dressing.

“She does not tell anyone who her mother is, because it bothers her because she has never taken care of her and, in addition, she is ashamed of Ninel”indicated

“Although she (Sofía) does not tell anyone who her mother is, since she is resentful because she never took care of her and, in addition, she is ashamed of Ninel,” the source assured.

Sofía’s friend told the entertainment magazine that it was a nanny, identified as Victoria García, who really cared for and cared for the 50-year-old actress’s daughter.

“Ninel fired her a few years ago (2019) and Sofia will never forgive her, but that’s not all, she has many more resentments,” the woman declared.

In the publication, it highlights that the source affirms that Ninel Conde is concerned about her daughter’s behavior and that she has even asked her to change or leave the house.

“The killer chocolate”, worried about her daughter

Situation that has led Sofía to rudely answer her famous mother, indicates the source consulted by the Mexican publication,

“Sofía speaks very ugly to her mother, she does not take her into account at all and less now that she is of legal age […] We are young, but I would never dare to speak to my mother like that, but Sofia does, “said the woman.

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They reveal that Ninel Conde’s daughter is “ashamed” of her famous mother