They said everything, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in lawsuit

One of the ex-partners of celebrities that has caused the most controversy is the one that at the time was made up of kim kardashian Y kanye-west, now that they have separated they began to have conflicts with each other, where express their discontent through social networks.

Being two both celebrities of the entertainment and entertainment, any news related to them immediately becomes a trend, especially that the rapper claims that his ex-partner is holding one of his daughters captive.

Last Friday, February 4, North West’s father began a new “battle” between him and his ex-wife, as he shared a publication in which he stated that this was his first divorce and that he did not know what to do about his daughter being on TikTok without your consent.

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With this comment, perhaps he was referring to the fact that his ex-partner kim kardashian I already had two divorces before.

In response to this message that he shared in his Instagram stories, the businesswoman responded by claiming that all the comments he has made, both in interviews and on his own networks, are more offensive than any TikTok video that his daughter could share.

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After a year of separation, the couple continues in disputes | AFP

The message that the owner of SKIMS wrote did not end there, she also added that since she was the main provider and caregiver of her four children, she allowed her daughter to express her creativity, although of course with the supervision of an adult, since it is important that the little girl have fun in a healthy way.

He also commented that he was doing everything possible to protect his children, because all the comments Kanye West has made, and the negative way of dealing with his divorce situation has not been easy, and it was something that hurt everyone.

For Kim Kardashian it has been complicated the fact that her ex-partner does not allow them to move forward and have a most pleasant shared parenthood, which by the way was her goal from the beginning, any situation with her children she will treat them in private, and she hopes settle everything with Ye in a friendly way.

Kanye West’s reaction to Kim Kardashian’s statement

The rapper quickly responded to this lengthy write up of kim kardashian, the first thing that can be seen in her answer is a question, about what she meant when she was the main provider.

She accused her ex-partner of allegedly holding her own daughter captive by refusing to tell her the address of North’s birthday party, which is a pretty strong word.

It also mentioned that Kim had put security aside when he was playing with one of his children and insisted that Kourtney Kardashian’s younger sister demanded that he take tests on Chicago’s birthday, because he claimed that he had used illicit substances.

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They said everything, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in lawsuit