They say that Belinda scammed Christian Nodal and it was his mother who discovered it in an audit

Belinda / Christian Nodal.

Belinda / Christian Nodal.

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The breakup of the relationship between Belinda and Christian Nodal continues to give something to talk about, because in addition to the speculations about the tattoos that the interpreter did in honor of his beloved and the expensive engagement ring he gave her, Rumors related to the real reasons why the “Nodeli” decided to say goodbye to their love have also emerged. This is how it is said again that it was because of the money that they ended the romance that began in August 2020.

According to the Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infantewas the interpreter of “Botella after bottle” who decided to end his courtship after his mother, Mrs. Cristy Nodal, will start an audit to find out why her son was spending so much moneybecause the trip he made to Barcelona, ​​Spain, caused him heavy expenses because he was the one who borne all the expenses, from the team that advises Belinda on her image, as well as cars to transport herself and the place where stayed for more than three months.

“Suddenly Nodal comes to Mexico and tells me that he returned to Europe with a fortune, that is where the investigations of the Nodal family begin, because they begin to do investigations Nodal’s accountants asked where the money was going, why he was spending so much,” he said.

However, the problems between the couple came when the singer allegedly presented false invoices that did not correspond to the expenses, which further aroused Nodal’s suspicions and the claims began.

“Where did the invoices that Belinda gave him come from? Notice nothing more than the invoices that Belinda gave him would be real or not real. I do not know if they detected that some were not real, but Nodal began to claim Belinda, “he added.

The entertainment expert also revealed that the singer would have given Belinda a house in an exclusive area south of Mexico City, so when her mother discovered the embezzlement in her bank accounts, she spoke with him and they began the audit.

Mr. Christian Nodal’s mother was the one who ordered the audit and that the accountant is the one who discovered that the expenses did not match. (her mom told her) ‘He is looking at your face’ and Belinda and Nodal end up thundering“.

Before ending the transmission published on his YouTube channel, the driver of “Sale el Sol” assured that Belinda is in Spain in a scream and does not want to know anything about the world due to severe depression.

He also concluded that Nodal was to blame because he dedicated himself to pleasing Belinda by paying her very expensive things, because he may be very talented, but “he is a 23-year-old boy.”

The problem between Belinda and Nodal is money“, he concluded.

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They say that Belinda scammed Christian Nodal and it was his mother who discovered it in an audit