This is Bader S. Shammas, the fiancé who has restored the illusion to Lindsay Lohan: a discreet banker oblivious to the excesses of fame

Lindsay Lohan, at an event in Melbourne, Australia, in November 2019.
Lindsay Lohan, at an event in Melbourne, Australia, in November 2019.James Gourley (Getty Images)

In 2014, exhausted from the media pressure and nighttime temptations of Los Angeles, Lindsay Lohan decided to start a new stage in Dubai. Many thought that this was nothing more than a passing fancy and that he would soon return to the United States. But, against all odds, the protagonist of Bad Girls thousands of kilometers from the land where she was born, she has found the peace and anonymity she had always longed for. “Moving here was a new beginning,” she said about it in the magazine Emirates Woman in 2018. “You hear more about real news than celebrity gossip, which I really appreciate. And it’s not like I go out much at night, it’s a very different lifestyle for me. I came with that purpose: I don’t have to be seen publicly all the time, or comment on what I’m doing.”

Since she confirmed her breakup with Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov in 2016, which led to canceling the preparations for her imminent wedding, no other relationship of hers had emerged. However, the actress surprised her nearly 10 million followers on November 28 Instagram with unexpected news: her engagement to Kuwaiti banker Bader S. Shammas. “My love. My life. My family. My future ”, she wrote under a carousel of romantic images in which both are seen embracing. Likewise, she took advantage of the moment to show an engagement ring from the firm Harry Winston, presided over by a diamond of six carats, whose value is estimated at 250,000 dollars (just over 220,000 euros). Although the date of the link is still unknown, a few days ago Lohan confirmed, as published People, which is already immersed in the preparations for the event. “I already started talking to a friend of mine about her dress. But I want to do things well and I want to control the pace of everything. But it is an exciting time. I am very feminine, so … ”, answered the intriguing interpreter, who has assured that she will wear several outfits that day.

Even carrying it with great discretion, previously the American had already given a clue that she was not single. In February 2020, after attending a music festival in Dubai, she shared a snapshot accompanied by Dan Smith and Chris Wood, respectively vocalist and drummer of the band Bastille, as well as her sister Aliana and Shammas himself. Minutes later, Lohan removed her from Instagram because in her caption, she coincidentally mentioned a “boyfriend.” Actually, as the star’s representative recently stated to AND! Newshave been dating for three years since their paths crossed in Dubai.

Everything that surrounds Shammas is a mystery. According to an article in Page Six, comes from a wealthy Christian family in Kuwait and is the son of a Lebanese mother and a Kuwaiti father. He is 34 years old, one year younger than Lohan. And although his Instagram account maintains it private (barely 597 people follow him), thanks to his profile LinkedIn there is evidence of both where he studied and his professional curriculum.

He was educated in the United States: in 2010 he received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of South Florida and, over the next two years, a master’s degree in finance from the John H. Sykes College of Business, affiliated with the University of Tampa, also in Florida. After that, he worked as an associate at BNP Paribas Wealth Management in his native Kuwait, and in February 2017, he moved to Dubai. Since August 2018, in the luxurious city of the United Arab Emirates, he has been deputy vice president at the Credit Suisse banking entity.

Given his animosity towards social networks, his hobbies, tastes and even such banal data as if he has brothers or sisters are unknown. Now, those closest to Lohan are delighted that she has someone outside the entertainment world by her side. “He’s not a Hollywood guy, you don’t see pictures of them in the press. That was one of Lindsay’s problems: the paparazzi they harassed her and made up stories. It was hard, but now she’s with a man who doesn’t like the limelight. She is relaunching her career and you wish there was a good person in your life when you hit that reset button. Everyone is happy. Lindsay recovered her life when she met him, she has been living a really happy and healthy life, ”she said a few days ago her father, Michael Lohan, in the aforementioned Page Six.

These days the actress is in Utah (precisely, Shammas flew there to ask her to marry her) shooting with actor Chord Overstreet a Christmas romantic comedy that will arrive on Netflix in 2022. Waiting for the “yes, I want” to be given, For now, Lindsay Lohan has already resumed her career in front of the cameras.

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This is Bader S. Shammas, the fiancé who has restored the illusion to Lindsay Lohan: a discreet banker oblivious to the excesses of fame