This is Jennifer Lopez’s routine to stay young after 40

It is no secret to anyone that one of the women who does not show the signs of age is Jennifer López. At 52 years old, her body (firm and curvy) is a temple of veneration for all her followers, in addition, it is logical that your body is one of the most admired in the world. The singer, actress, producer and mother born in the heart of the Bronx, New York, stays in shape thanks to her daily exercise discipline, to which the star has been faithful for decades.

For this reason, the magazine Vogue Mexico contacted one of his trainers, fitness expert David Kirsch who lives in New York. “Whether you’re working with JLo or anyone else, there’s an old biblical phrase that says ‘look, listen and teach’, and I think these are very powerful words,” Kirsch said.

Kirsch says that the difference between a good trainer and one who is just looking for more followers on Instagram (a practice that he says is becoming more prevalent in his industry), It is the ability of coaches to intuitively understand the mental, physical and spiritual needs of each individual.

In the case of JLO, the expert considers that he is one of the easiest people to work with. Kirsch is blunt in saying that no two bodies are the same, and that this implies that there are always different factors that come into play, including diet, lifestyle or even stress levels of each one.

“Jennifer is very meticulous about her diet, her sleep and just about everything in her life in general,” says the coach. “It’s not just a physical thing, it’s about transforming every aspect of your life,” he says.

It should be noted that a routine with Kirsch involves certain specific exercises, which are already part of his personal brand, such as “sumo kicks (as well as side kicks), squats with hands behind the head and “platypus walks”.

“Jennifer and I do a lot of ‘platypus walks’ in an open stance. These are also known as sumo squats. They are very good for the inner part of the legs and for the butt”.

The singer and actress also constantly uses deadlifts and single-leg boxing, in addition, Kirsch encourages her as she always combines her routines with elements of Pilates in a single training session.

“We mixed some cardio, plyometrics, full body, core and lower body in trainings; they are very, very intense and she takes it very seriously, which is exciting for someone like me. You tell her, ‘let’s do this,’ and she says, ‘great!’ “Indicates the coach of the queen of the Bronx.

“His workouts are fast. She is very focused and has a lot of energy.” Kirsch, who is also fascinated by Lopez’s work ethic, says the star simply gets more beautiful as she ages.

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Another JLo personal trainer revealed to the magazine People What is the Latin star’s diet based on: “It’s all organic and very well thought out, with the balance of protein very high quality and lots of nutrient-dense foods.”

Hydration is also key in Jennifer Lopez’s diet. The interpreter of On The Floor and Merry Me, drink at least seven glasses of plain water a day, his life coach Dodd Romero told U.S. Weekly.

On the other hand, JLo also tries to avoid processed products, for her it is important that everything is fresh. Romero claims that its protein sources are egg whites, chicken breast, and beef. Also consume fish to obtain Omega 3, and in your day you can not miss a handful of nuts.

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This is Jennifer Lopez’s routine to stay young after 40