This is Kanye West’s new girlfriend: university graduate and Instagram star

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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This week kanye-west He has presented in public the woman with whom he has been seen in public after his breakup with actress Julia Fox, posing with her for a selfie on Instagram. At the moment it is not clear if they are an official couple or not, but it is obvious that they are spending a lot of time together and they do not plan to bother to hide it.

The explosive brunette is called Chaney Jones and bears an undeniable resemblance to the rapper’s former wife, accentuated by the way she dresses, but the truth is that she is much more than a ‘Kim Kardashian lookalike’, as she has been publicly dubbed.

The model studied elementary education at the University of Delaware and is currently specializing as a counselor and therapist with a master’s degree at the University of Wilmington. She also works as the chief of operations at the First State Behavioral Health company, offering therapy and support to adults and children dealing with depression, anxiety, anger management, trauma, substance abuse, and other issues.

Like the famous celebrity, Chaney regularly posts racy selfies on Instagram and has a penchant for tight monochrome outfits. In fact, she has worn some almost identical to others that Kim has worn and a few days ago Kanye took her shopping in Miami to visit the stores of some of his ex-wife’s favorite designers.

What differentiates both women on a purely physical level is that, unlike Kim, Chaney has several tattoos scattered throughout her body.

Kanye beheads and buries Kim’s boyfriend alive in his new music video

From this Wednesday, kim kardashian She is officially a single woman again and has removed her ex-husband Kanye West’s surname from her legal name after getting the judge overseeing her divorce to grant her petition in December.

This news did not sit well with him. to the controversial rapper, who has reacted by premiering a macabre video clip for his song ‘Eazy’ in which a cartoon version of him kidnaps and buries Pete Davidson, Kim’s current boyfriend, alive. THe also winks at the roses that Kanye gave the mother of his four children last Valentine’s Day in a gesture of goodwill that she accepted, but that hasn’t lasted long.

In the video, Ye’s avatar sprinkles seeds on Pete’s head, which appears buried up to his neck, to grow flowers that he cuts with scissors and sends to Kim in the back of a pickup truck. At another point, the rapper appears holding the decapitated head of the ‘Saturday Night Live’ comedian in his arms and the end credits end with a message to his former wife: “Everyone lived happily ever after / Except Skete [el apodo burlón con el que se refiere a Pete], you know who. / Just kidding, okay.”

In the single, Ye – as the musician now calls himself – refers to his ex’s new partner, assuring that God wanted him to survive the traffic accident he suffered in 2002 just so he could beat up Pete.

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This is Kanye West’s new girlfriend: university graduate and Instagram star