THIS IS THE ROLL: Isbel Parra, Maluma, Chyno Miranda, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez


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ALREADY CLEARED The unknown about the edition of Miss International 2022, from the board of the contest came the order, to all the franchising countries, that they must register their candidates before the month of July. So far only 57 have been confirmed and the top number is 80 applicants. The organizers stepped on the accelerator of the preparations, and although the event will take place at the beginning of December, they want to take care of all the pre-production details as much as possible, since it will be a special edition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the contest, whose last staging It was in 2019 when the Thai Sireethorn Leearamwat won the crown. Isbel Cristina Parra will defend the national band.


THIS WEEK or at the end of the next one, the application process will culminate, which started on April 11, for the pre-selection of the candidates for the title of Miss Venezuela 2022, which will take place in September. A multidisciplinary team is reviewing the applications among the more than 300 that were received online. From there, 100 will be chosen and the “filter” will reach 50 until 24 candidates are left. Five years ago, this modality was introduced, which has not been well received by missologists and followers of the contest and it is said that this will be the last time it is done. Miss Venezuela will reach her 70th birthday and in Venevisión they want to throw the house out the window…if the budget allows it.


THE SITUATION by Chyno Miranda, continues to be a matter of interest in all the media, and a topic of conversation between locals and strangers. There are many conjectures that are woven about it, without there being any official information that puts an end to the rumors that spread like wildfire, in relation to the health of the Venezuelan singer. “The family is not going to give any information for now. His physical recovery process is delicate and they are not willing to interrupt it. Much will be said and there is no way to avoid it, and it is inevitable that more speculation will arise. The truth is only known by his family, ”said a close friend of the artist.

ONCE More, Maluma shows his spirit of solidarity. Now he will do his bit to solve the housing problem that affects many Colombian families. The singer announced that he will work on the campaign “Una haus para Medallo City” to which he will donate one million dollars for the first stage of the project that will focus on creating a plan that will define the methodology for selecting the families and the construction process of the houses that will be assigned. It is not the first time that Maluma has an initiative of this type in Medellin, because with his foundation “Art of Dreams” helps young people in vulnerable situations to find ways to express themselves through urban art.


THE LIST of concerts scheduled for Venezuela, could be extended with Marc Anthony, Romeo Santos and Karol G, since the presentation of these artists would be “a shot to the ground”. His signing has not been finalized yet, since the agenda of each of them is quite complicated. They would be squaring dates. While waiting for Bacilos, Piso 21, Fonseca, Kany García, Cristian Castro, Emmanuel, Omar Geles, Jorge Celedón and Farid Ortiz for the “Vallenato Dawn” that will be presented on May 28 in the parking lot of El Poliedro. Omar Enrique did quite well on Friday and Saturday in Caracas with “Losambassadors de la rumba” together with Omar Acedo and Eddy Herrera, Argenis Carruyo and Morella.


* Natasha Araos She claims to be tired of “all the crap” (not to use the scatological word she used on social networks) she tells herself about the health of her ex, Chyno Miranda.

*Marjorie deSousa She received another “stick” from Internet users, who criticized her for the self-tribute that was made to celebrate Mother’s Day. “A child is not made alone,” they told him, among other things.

*Eva Luna She would be tired of the interference of her father, Ricardo Montaner in her marital life, especially in relation to her granddaughter Indigo. The singer thinks more than her own husband Camilo.

*Amanda Gutierrez Visibly coiled, she responded to the attacks she receives on the networks, where many have called her a “ridiculous old woman.” The actress put her detractors in their place.


*Ana Marfia Polo is happy, because Telemundo approved a new season of Case Closed. The successful space stopped broadcasting two years ago.

*Hugo Carregal he only hopes that Venevisión “lowers the resources” so that the special program he has devised with Miss Venezuela is round. The contest turns 70 and wants to celebrate it in a big way.

*Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez revealed the name of the surviving twin who was born 20 days ago and lost her little brother. It will be called Esmeralda.

Norkis Batista announces the revival of his theatrical piece “Orgasmos”. She will be accompanied again by the model and singer Xavier Muñoz. She will perform at Barquisimeto, Maracay, Valencia, Mérida, Maracaibo, San Cristóbal, Ciudad Bolívar, among other cities.

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THIS IS THE ROLL: Isbel Parra, Maluma, Chyno Miranda, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez