This is what Salma Hayek uses on her face to look radiant

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Salma Hayek has stolen the hearts of the public for many years thanks to its beauty and now we know what do you use on your face to look radiant. The famous Hollywood actress has shared her secrets to look so young at 55 years old and you can use it too.

One of the ingredients that Salma Hayek uses in her daily beauty routine is part of the Mexican herbalist, which you can probably find very easily. The actress has revealed that she is perfect for fighting wrinkles and having a much smoother complexion.

Salma Hayek’s secret to radiant skin

Through her social networks, the Mexican has shared not only her best looks throughout her career and the time she spends with friends and family. Salma Hayek also boasts of her talents as a businesswoman and very proud of her own brand recommends her as her secret to avoiding botox.


Salma Hayek ventured into the world of beauty and skin care with her Nuance brand, which ranges from hair products to everything you need for radiant skin. However, her star product is undoubtedly the face cream that promises an almost magical result.

Let’s talk about Nuance’s Anti-Aging Super Cream, the cream that has made Salma Hayek look like time stopped on her. This product contains an ingredient of 100% Mexican origin and could be one of the few, or perhaps the only one to carry it, the tepezcohuite.

Salma Hayek revealed that she stays away from botox and any other invasive treatment that has to do with rejuvenating the skin thanks to the properties of this tree. With this ingredient you achieve what you need and the best thing is that you get incredible results at a low price.

Previously, Salma Hayek had spoken openly about this product: “I use an ingredient called tepezcohuite that is used in Mexico for burn victims because it completely regenerates the skin. and there is no one in the United States that is using this ingredient, except us”, said the actress.

“Some of the ingredients, when I took them to the American labs, they left everyone like, ‘Oh my God! How come no one is using this? That’s why I have no Botox, no peels, no fillers. I only use my creams”, he confessed.


What is tepezcohuite and what are its benefits?

Tepezcohuite is also commonly known in Mexico as “the skin tree” thanks to its incredible properties. antimicrobial, analgesic and regenerative. This wonder of nature is native to the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

Among its many benefits to the skin are mainly the following: Cleans and regenerateshelping with the elimination of bacteria and dead cells. fight acne. Act like burn treatment. softens. It serves as oral treatment. Help to strengthen hairso it prevents its fall promoting growth. remove stains on the skin. Have anti-inflammatory effects.

After investigating more about the almost magical ingredient that is not lacking in Salma Hayek’s beauty routine, we are not surprised that she looks so radiant and young at 55 years old. The actress has stayed true to her roots and wants to share the secret of the wonderful tree with the world.

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This is what Salma Hayek uses on her face to look radiant