VIDEO: Chiquis achieves immense triumph thanks to her muscles

VIDEO Chiquis achieves immense triumph thanks to her muscles

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Not everything is music, entertainment and glamor in the life of Chiquis Rivera. At 36 years old, the artist managed to conquer a difficult summit thanks to her perseverance and the unconditional support of her boyfriend, the photographer Emilio Sánchez. The couple climbed until they reached Yosemite Falls, in the famous national park located in the Sierra Nevada, California.

“Up for Yosemite Falls. I made it! This has been the hardest thing I have exposed my mind, body and spirit to. After 23,000 steps, 7.5 miles, 3,200 feet of climbing, I was more than satisfied. I feel relieved. Proud. I feel better. Climbing up was definitely strenuous, but coming down was a challenge in itself. There were times when I wanted to give up and go back, but I couldn’t allow myself to take even one step back. I kept focused on the work ahead of me. He kept repeating “You are smart enough to know that everything is in your mind. Your body is capable of anything. You can with this. I literally prayed the whole way, and in between I had a few moments where I said swear. But, she was determined to finish what she had started, ”the singer wrote next to a video that summarizes her wonderful odyssey through nature.

the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera revealed that the experience was not only physical, but also spiritual. “What allowed me to continue was the feeling that I would know I would have when I reached the top of the mountain. When I finally got to her I cried. Tears of happiness and gratitude. I wasn’t aware of how much I needed to disconnect from the world, and connect with nature and my higher self,” she recounted.

On the other hand, he affirmed that it allowed him to disconnect from all the negative charge that he had been dragging. “During my time of meditation and prayer above I let go of everything that I was carrying with me for the last two weeks. Sitting there, I was reminded of how much natural beauty we have around us but ignore due to the rush of each day. It was definitely a humbling experience, one I will never forget. In many ways this experience reminded me of my daily life. How it can sometimes be an uphill battle, full of moments when you want to give up, but you don’t. Before you know it you will be on the other side of the mountain of problems and stress, jumping for joy and living your best life. You can. Remember, with God everything is possible!”

Finally, Chiquis dedicated words of thanks to whoever took her to live this beautiful adventure. “Thanks to my love @emiliosanchez for this beautiful experience. I loved every minute of it,” she wrote.

Her boyfriend did not take long to respond with a forceful: “I’m proud of you.”

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1646505978 371 VIDEO Chiquis achieves immense triumph thanks to her muscles

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VIDEO: Chiquis achieves immense triumph thanks to her muscles