What caused Alejandra Espinoza to tell Jomari Goyso: “That’s your problem”

It all seems confusing, but here we clear it up. Jomari Goyso He met Alejandra Espinoza when she arrived at the magenta carpet of Premio Lo Nuestro. Seeing her, the Spaniard shouted at her, asking: “Alejandra, did you say I look ugly?” The actress responded by denying such an assertion.

Alejandra clarified that she had said that he looked beautiful, and stressed that Jomari simply does not know how to accept compliments. She told him that the ugly thing actually worked better for him. Clarifying, we understand that he means that in a video for the scandal it is better for Alejandra Espinoza to say that he looks ugly, than for her to say the opposite. That was when the Mexican told him: “Oh, well that’s your problem.”

There was no clash. Between Jomari and Alejandra there is a lot of love and an excellent friendship. Jomari said goodbye to Alejandra like this: “Love you, instead you are spectacular”, and for many Alejandra Espinoza she looked brilliant.

Fashion in Premio Lo Nuestro

The magenta carpet of Premio Lo Nuestro 2022 became an explosion of styles, colors and textures as varied as the songs and exponents of Latin music, according to EFE. Even so, the common denominator in almost all the artists was elegance, including the exponents of the urban and regional Mexican genres, that in previous years could have been out of tune, in a sea of ​​haute couture.

Among the best dressed was Paulina Rubio, the star of the night and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, who arrived in a stone-paved suit with silver pieces, which contrasted with her nickname of “The golden girl”.

Others who received praise were Luis Fonsi and his wife Agueda López that they went together, he in a black suit without a shirt, and she with her model figure clad in a chic white dress and in a “cut out” trend, showing off her abs.

“People are more elegant than ever on this rug. But in addition, many made an effort to mark their personality in their clothes, without losing style, “he told Efe Boris Izaguirre, a personality celebrated for his taste in fashion.

Yuri in a beaded and navy blue tulle outfit, Lele Pons in apple green, and Anita in black were some of the stars who stood out for their glamor in the traditional celebrity parade at the entrance of the FTX Arena, where the awards are given this year.

For his part, Camilo, one of the most nominated with 10, and his wife Eva Luna Montaner made a brief parade for the “Magenta Carpet”, both in black and excited by the imminent arrival of Indigo, their first baby together.

J Balvin and Christian Nodal, who complete the trio of the most nominated, did not attend the initial stage of the night. The first is in Colombia, where his mother has been in intensive care for days due to complications from covid-19. Nodal preferred to avoid the press in the face of the controversy sparked by his separation from the Spanish-Mexican artist Belinda Pellegrini.

Reggaeton musicians Wisin and Yandel did present with sensual versions of a “tuxedo”, the motivator Daniel Habif and the Puerto Rican Justin Quiles, who paraded in a caramel-colored suit. Romeo Santos also preferred a light tone, but in his case it was cream.

Among the most daring were the Cuban OVI, who wore green hair, a crown and a sports outfit part of a capsule collection by Gucci and North Face.

His compatriots from Gente de Zona matched their hair, Alexander Delgado military green and Randy Malcolm with a pastel shade of the same color.

The theme of the invasion of Ukraine dampened the mood a bit, to the point that artists like David Bisbal, Fonsi, Descemer Bueno and others admitted that it was an effort to “get on the wave” of a musical celebration.

“You almost have to have two personalities to be here without thinking about the tragedy that is happening there. But we are all using music to promote peace and tell them that we are with them,” Bisbal said.

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What caused Alejandra Espinoza to tell Jomari Goyso: “That’s your problem”