When Will Smith gave the keys to success in life instead of slaps

Will Smith is not having a good time. His unusual reaction, including a slap, to a joke from Chris Rock about his wife, Jada Pinkett, at the Oscar Awards ceremony has undoubtedly become one of the news of the year that has transcended beyond what concerns the film industry.

What should have been a party in which Smith himself, as it happened, was destined to succeed – he won the Oscar for best actor for The Williams Method – ended up becoming a true nightmare from which the multifaceted character has not yet woken up. Disowned by the Academy itself and subjected to public ridicule, he retains the statuette, but has lost his impeccable reputation along the way.

Some projects you were working on have stalled and you may have missed out on others because you’ve become undisputed candidate to be ‘canceled’, at least for a season. Not even her own wife seems to be satisfied with everything that has happened and information has emerged about her admission to a clinic to deal with the stress that everything that has happened has caused her. A truly bleak picture.

However, the grotesque episode of the Oscar Awards gala, in the opinion of many, should not tarnish what to date -it still is- was a career rich in nuances and with many edges since Will Smith has done everything and has always been highly respected. Also for some more than meritorious interventions. For correct and pertinent.

Will Smith’s keys to success

And it is that long before the rapper, actor, film and record producer distributed slaps, he offered inspiring advice doomed not to age. In 2005, at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards 2005 award ceremony, he shared with a mostly child and adolescent audience a highly applauded reflection that is more valid than ever and that he himself can put into practice.

The keys to success in life are running and reading. Why run? When you’re running, there’s a little person that talks to you and says that you are very tired, that your lungs are going to burst, that everything hurts and that there is no possible way that you can continue. That voice you hear tells you to quit. But if you learn how to defeat that person when you’re running you will learn not to give up when things get difficult in life”, explained Will Smith.

“When I was young I learned that who works harder has more chances of achieving what is proposed and running has always helped me. So, one of the keys to success in life is running”, added the actor, who also highlighted the importance of enjoying books.

Let’s talk about reading. The reason why reading is vital is related to all the people who have lived before us and who had to overcome problems that we must face on a daily basis. There is no new problem that you can have -with your parents, at school, with a stalker, with anything- that someone hasn’t been through before. There is no common problem that someone has not resolved and has left reflected in a book. So the keys to success in life are running and reading,” he concluded.

More than 15 years have passed since that motivator speech and based on how Will Smith has fared in life, beyond his last altercation, there are two great pieces of advice that are well worth keeping in mind. They may not serve the vast majority to achieve their same star status, but they are valuable lessons to apply in any walk of life. Run and read. Strive and cultivate the intellect. Two keys that always add up.

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When Will Smith gave the keys to success in life instead of slaps