Who is Abril Campillo, the woman who was her lover and Luisito Rey’s at the same time

Who ? It is one of the most controversial romances that Luis Miguel would have had. But the most commented, which was first a rumor and then was approached by the same woman, was that the father of “Sol de México”, Luisito Rey, would also have had more than friendly contact with the Mexican actress. This is what is known about the celebrity who would have conquered the famous, what was not seen in .

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Campillo’s story in the life of was one of the most anticipated of the followers of the famous singer in “Luis Miguel, the series”. However, the fiction Netflix did not address that alleged romance.

The television productionstarring Diego Bonetanswered some questions about the life of Luis Miguelbut did not address what would have been a love triangle, according to rumors in the local press.

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“As Juan Gabriel would say, what is seen is not judged”, Campillo replied when the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante asked him if he had maintained a relationship with father and son. What the late celebrity did answer directly is that “To be able to enter with Luis Miguel, to be able to arrive at the time of the father, you had to go through the customs of the father because he did not allow”.

Luis Miguel in a concert.  (Photo: Getty Images)
Luis Miguel in a concert. (Photo: Getty Images)


April Campillo She was a Mexican actress and singer who died in 2017 at the age of 58, due to breast cancer. She made her debut as an actress in the movie “those of the heel”, by Alejandro Galindo, in 1978. From that role, he began a prolific career in the film industry.

His next role, one of the most important in his career, was “asphalt rats” in the same year. She later became part of the cast of “Corruption”, “I have for all of them”, “urban violence”, among other titles from the golden age of the so-called Files Cinema.

Later, she began to be called for television, where she worked in various soap operas such as “Abrázame very strong”, “Marisol”, “Friends and rivals”, among other well-known Mexican productions.

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while, when was on tour in Argentina, he found out about the serious condition of Luisito Rey. In a video uploaded to YouTube, the artist is seen in Luna Park giving an emotional speech, apparently after learning of the death of his father.

“I would like to apologize in some way for not having the opportunity tonight to be with you as I have always wanted to be, but tonight is a slightly different night for me (…), I would like you to help me tonight to make it a fun night , beautiful because life is fun and beautiful and you have to enjoy it. I want to wish everyone who is here a lot of happiness and that they share everything they have with the people they love, not tomorrow but today”said.

When the death of Luis Gallegos was confirmed, the interpreter of “Until you forget me” canceled his concerts and traveled to Spain for the funeral.

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Óscar Jaenada gave life to Luisito Rey in the series.  (Photo: Netflix)
Óscar Jaenada gave life to Luisito Rey in the series. (Photo: Netflix)


On the other hand, in an interview in July 2021 with Yordi Rosado, Erika Buenfil He revealed details of what his relationship with Luis Miguel was and data that some of his fans of the singer did not know. As we mentioned above, both celebrities met at an “El Sol” concert in Monterrey.

It was there where Erika and Luis Miguel They met and went to the hotel where the singer was staying for his tour in Monterrey. “My mom already knew, everyone knew because the driver had been in charge of notifying“, said.

Buenfil noted that they later visited the hotel terrace. In addition, when they were having a nice time, the singer’s friends began to arrive. For this reason, he says, since the visitors did not leave, the two decided to go dancing and have fun. Shortly after, they returned to the hotel where the artist stayed and spent the night in his suite. But their meeting did not last long.

Luis Miguel, the series |  guilty or not
Luis Miguel, the series | Guilty or not | Diego Bonet | Netflix

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Who is Abril Campillo, the woman who was her lover and Luisito Rey’s at the same time