Why did Sergio Sendel’s daughter take off her father’s last name? She answers

Valeria Santaelladaughter of Sergio Sendel, is part of the new generation of actresses and, although the relationship with the well-known soap opera villain could have opened the doors for her in this profession, the young woman clarified that her artistic career is building by your own means.

In an interview for the Hoy program, the 23-year-old actress confessed that it has been difficult for him to deal with his father’s fame, despite the fact that he decided to distance himself from the Sendel surname. Valeria Santaella is her real name, she did not want to use the actor’s maternal surname (Sergio Santaella Sendel).

“I started working a few years ago, but I artistically I am Valeria Santaella, not Valeria Sendelthen many people do not make the connection, but the world is very small and there is always someone who knows ‘Sendel-Santaella’(and they tell me) ‘your dad is Sergio Sendel’ and well yes, but I don’t go through life saying ‘my dad is Sergio Sendel’, he declared before the cameras of the Mexican show.

The descendant of the antagonist of soap operas like ‘Destilando amor’ and ‘Loving you is my sin’ is part of the telenovela Mi Fortuna es Amarte where she plays Kimberly, a character with whom she gained public recognition in Mexico and is also doing so with the American audience now that the melodrama is broadcast on Univision.

In the recent production by Nicandro Díaz starring Susana González and David Zepeda, Valeria Santaella also share credits with your dad, and in the interview he gave to the Hoy program on February 4, he talked about his experience working with his father.

“Since I was very little I have accompanied my father in his productions to work and now that I have the opportunity to see it up close and also being in the same production, well I learn a lot and have a great time“said the young woman.

What does Sendel think of his daughter being an actress?

The beloved villain of Mexican soap operas stated that he feels proud of the work Valeria has done in the various projects in which she has participated in her short career as an actress.

What I like about her is that she is disciplined and in this race you have to have three things: discipline, a lot of effort and, above all, patience,” Sendel said in an interview for Hoy.

Although Valeria wants to take off the weight of the Sendel surname, the actor, who has a career spanning more than 30 years, does not hesitate to share tips to make you stand out in the entertainment world.

“If they are not taught to overcome obstacles, it is very difficult for them to excel in life, and to swallow their own frustrations […] Of course I’ve made it clear without being bootlickerswithout being lame… dignity first and foremost”, declared Sergio Sendel regarding the advice he has given his daughter.

This has been the career of Valeria Santaella

One of the most recent projects of the also model was in 2021, Valeria participated in the second season of the bioseries of the singer Luis Miguelwhere she played the character of Bárbara, Álex’s girlfriend, the singer’s brother.

Santaella also participated in telenovelas such as “What life stole from me” (2013) and “How to survive single” (2019).

In addition to acting, Valeria Santaella is fond of sports and activities such as yoga and dancing. Just like your twin, Graco Santaellashare the taste for boxing and modeling.

Valeria and Graco Santaella are the result of the relationship that Sergio Sendel had with Marcela Rodríguez, whom he divorced in 2013 after being married for 15 years. The separation was immersed in a series of accusations about family violence that his now ex-wife made.


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Why did Sergio Sendel’s daughter take off her father’s last name? She answers