Why does Chiquis Rivera recommend eating alone?

Why does Chiquis Rivera recommend eating alone?

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Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera She has been in charge of sharing her path to become the empowered and self-confident woman she is today. Artist, businesswoman, writer and television presenter are just some of the areas that she has managed to conquer with her charisma and professionalism, at 36 years old.

Within her vision of a self-confident woman, the eldest daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera, highlighted a simple act that for her says a lot. “It takes a very secure and self-confident woman to sit in a restaurant eating alone. Try it one day. She does good for the heart, ”she wrote on her Twitter account as advice to her public.

Later, he delivered the same advice to men. “This also goes for men…vice versa. Nothing sexier than a safe and confident man, ”he added in another post.

Quickly her Twitter account was filled with comments from women to whom Chiquis’s advice made sense. “I used to do it when I was younger, now that I’m 50 and divorced it’s sad”, “I’ve only done it once and it felt weird at first, but then I liked it”, “I’ll do that on my next day off, I’ll enjoy of a delicious brunch with my happy thoughts”, and “I have done it since I was a teenager and I love it. I feel so calm and relaxed”, were some of the comments that were written to him.

For many women Chiquis is the true reflection of a fighter woman, who has managed to succeed despite adversity. She not only managed to overcome the immense trauma that they left her the sexual abuse of his father, Jose Trinidad Marín, the tragic death of his mother in a plane crash and the breakdown of his family due to his mother’s inheritance. The artist also managed to get out of a marriage where she, in her own words, suffered from domestic violence, and position herself as a beautiful and attractive woman in an industry that celebrates extreme thinness.

The interpreter of “My problem” has been a staunch defender of the diversity of bodies, affirming that it was difficult for her to accept and love herself as she is. “I’ve gotten better on red carpets, it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. What I want is to feel good in the dress. But, yes, she makes me sad and angry because if that same dress were worn by a skinny size 2 or 4 girl, they wouldn’t criticize her. Just like with my photos, I can take the same photo as a thin girl who has her thing, but I also have mine, and they criticize me, ”said Chiquis during his participation in the podcast. Sin Rodeos, by Jomari Goyzo.

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Why does Chiquis Rivera recommend eating alone?