Why have Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco dropped out of school to educate themselves at home?

It’s hard to forgetr the required photo of Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco’s first day of school this year. Dressed in their masks, excited as always and the girl with a peculiar haircut in her bangs of her own creation, François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré arrived at the Monegasque private school accompanied only by their father, since their mother, the princess Charlene was still in South Africa. However, just two months later have had to say goodbye to most of their classmates to continue their studies within the palace walls, but why have their parents made this decision?

If the pandemic has shown anything, it is that both work and study from home, with their pros and cons, is possible. This experience is not new for the little princes who in 2020, like so many other children, were forced to continue with classes virtually. However, on this occasion there are some differences with respect to the online school model that they applied in the toughest moments of the pandemic. The first and most important is that you are not alone, but rather cFour more children (two boys and two girls) from their class receive classes with them in a large room in the Palace, and there are also teachers to attend to your needs in person.

Alberto de Monaco reappears with his children in a symbolic act with a wink to Charlene

This was confirmed by Prince Albert in an interview in Paris match: “Together with Princess Charlene, we have made this decision to adapt this device in a larger room to accommodate six children, since we realized that the situation was going to last”. It refers to the health crisis, which in Europe has not completely subsided and before which they have decided to be cautious and create their own school ‘bubble’ in the Grimaldi Palace, although they do go to school to attend some sports courses, like swimming. However, the head of state has made it clear that when the epidemiological situation is favorable, his children will go back to school normally.


Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco are about to turn seven years old and, in addition to fulfilling their school obligations, they already accompany their father not only in some institutional act, but also in official trips like the one he made to Scotland, on the occasion of the climate summit, where the little ones had their own ‘agenda’ full of children’s plans for them. One of the last public appearances of the children was on Monaco National Day when they starred in the anecdote of the day by displaying two posters from the balcony of the palace in which you could read: ‘We love you, Mommy’ and ‘We miss you’.

That same day, an interview with Prince Albert was released in People in which he confirmed that his wife she was admitted at a center outside Monaco of his own accord, after suffering “profound physical and emotional exhaustion”. All this just a few days after returning from South Africa after more than half a year facing a severe ENT infection that forced him to undergo surgery up to three times. Upon how the children are handling their mother’s situation, the sovereign has assured that they know that they will speak with her very soon and although “they miss her, of course, they understand it. Children of that age understand. “Prince Albert’s own wife, before returning to Monaco after her long stay in South Africa, admitted in an interview that the hardest part of all this was not being able to see her children and that she had a terrible desire to to be with them Her husband and the twins traveled to South Africa last summer to be with her and give her strength, so to know that, as the heir revealed in the aforementioned interview: “We will go to visit her there” .

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Why have Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco dropped out of school to educate themselves at home?