Will Smith accused of violence by Mexican actor: “The sick abuse was hell”

Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock was not an isolated case, a former Mexican partner of the actor narrated a terrible episode that he lived with him.

As expected, the episode of the slap to Chris Rock was not a unique event of the temperament of Will Smith, one of his former partners in the biographical film of former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, Ali, denounced him for misbehavior during the time they shared filming under the orders of director Michael Mann and the also presence of Jada Pinkett Smith.

It was a matter of time for these isolated episodes to find a way out, joining the cancellation of the fourth Bad Boys movie, the project he had with Netflix, Fast and Loose; and his resignation from the Academy, a rather bold move on the part of his public relations team, since it would have been a little more humiliating if the assembly voted to dismiss him and make him known on their different network channels social.

Its about Mexican actor Paul Rodriguez, 67, who told the tabloid portal The Sun how his calls to filming were total hell. The American of Mexican descent gave life to Fernando Pacheco, the physical therapist of the late boxer and the first person to detect the brain and liver damage of George Foreman’s executioner. That is, both actors shared a corner for a good part of the story.

“The Chris Rock thing was just a slap in the face, I swallowed verbal abuse every day we worked on the set. And sometimes the emotional wounds are deeper than the physical ones.”

Will Smith accused of violence by Mexican actor The sick
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Paul Rodriguez was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa.

The native of Culiacán, Sinaloa, who emigrated to California at a very young age, had been pigeonholed for a decade in roles where he gave life to fellow Latinos or immigrants in films like Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, A million for John, Prince of Glory, among others. Ali was the first film in which I had a role that was less clichéd and typecast in the crude stereotypes that Americans and their industry had about our community.

“It was supposed to be a springboard in my career, but it ended up being a disgusting nightmare because of all the insults i got from will smith. She was very kind to everyone except me. We were like Jekyll and Hyde,” said the Mexican. He believes that Smith was angry because he wanted that role for Danny Garcia, a New York actor and producer also of Hispanic descent.

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Will Smith would have threatened him in South Africa.

The newspaper reports that Paul couldn’t take that much abuse and insulted him by calling him a “nigger”). The police took him that day from the set. The next day, Will reproached him for every movement on stage, from not knowing how to tie gloves to criticizing his dialogue. Every morning they shared a makeup chair and he applied the law of ice. Also his co-stars, influenced by the protagonists. To the point that no one told him that Nelson Mandela had invited them to dinner during his filming in Africa.

“(He approached me and told me): ‘You have to be careful. You are in Africa and there are no Mexicans around here.’. If that’s not a threat, then I don’t know what is.” Things never got better and after six months he returned home embarrassed and when the film was released he discovered that several of his scenes were suppressed and his presence was almost that of a simple The Sun reports that representatives for Smith had no comment.

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Will Smith accused of violence by Mexican actor: “The sick abuse was hell”