Will Smith’s fake slap

The recent edition of had for the first time in the ninety-four years of its history an act of physical violence that went around the world. He was sanctioned after slapping for having made a joke in bad taste about his wife’s baldness. For this reason, he will not be able to attend the Oscar ceremonies for the next ten years, however, this will not prevent him from receiving the awards that correspond to him. If they reward him again.

The surprising slap has fueled various crazy ‘theories’ in the popular imagination that does not accept ordinary explanations for extraordinary events. Apparently some people do not accept simple explanations for the great events of history: from the assassination of John Lennon to the death of the political and spiritual leader Ezequiel Ataucusi. Most are reluctant to accept that Lennon was murdered by a lonely person who just wanted to be famous, even if the killer himself later confessed. On the other hand, Ataucusi’s followers insist that he did not die in 2000 from kidney failure, but that he was kidnapped, as of Aeminpu in Colombia.

The truth is that, in many cases, simple explanations are the right ones, both in everyday life and in amazing events. This principle is known as Ockham’s razor or parsimony principle: “the simplest explanations are usually the most likely.” But those who invent conspiracy ‘theories’ go against scientific principles and spread narratives that have the appearance of truth for an easily manipulated public that is eager to consume outlandish stories.

Like any public act, the aforementioned slap could not be without its plot. One of the ‘theories’ maintains that everything was planned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences itself in the face of declining audiences in recent years. So much Will Smith What Chris Rockboth renowned Hollywood actors, would have collaborated to raise the popularity of the Oscar awards carrying out a previously rehearsed script.

Entrepreneur Brian Lawrence decided to ride the wave and went so far as to post a photo on his Facebook where Chris Rock He seems to have a pad on his cheek where he would receive the famous slap, which would confirm, without a doubt, for believers in this revelation, that the event was orchestrated. As the plot is built with the sum of the misreadings, technology can also be put at the service of the distorted machinery and, after repeating the sequence hundreds of times, many have begun to see that Chris he leans in anticipation to take the hit. And, as if that were not enough, Jada Pinkett Smith (Will’s wife) smiles revealing the real intentions of the actors.

Much of the networks have praised the conduct of Chris Rock for not responding with violence to physical violence and for having maintained his sanity; however, another sector has had a completely distorted reading of the event and has accused the Academy of being racist.

The appropriate and properly humanistic thing would have been to report the joke in bad taste, criticize it in front of the press, write about it, but not lose the papers. Making silly jokes, even if they are offensive to some, is within our right to free expression. Such pranks can be criticized in the same way, but physical violence should not be tolerated. Mr Smith would have been able to contain his violent impulses and question the attitude of Rock minutes later in his speech, in which he apologizes to the Academy, but not to the victim. I hope that this unique event in the history of the Oscar awards not be repeated.

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Will Smith’s fake slap