William Levy unleashes madness in Madrid with his smile and sympathy

William Levy is one of the most followed and admired celebrities of the moment thanks to his role in the Colombian telenovela ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, which has become a real hit with the public since its premiere a few months ago on Netflix. To thank the immense affection that he has received for his character of Sebastián Vallejo, the handsome actor has visited Spain and has unleashed madness with his time in ‘El Hormiguero’.

Close and sympathetic as could be, William was honest with Pablo Motos about his childhood in Cuba, his beginnings as a model and actor in the United States and also about the hardest episode of his life, when in 2020 one of his children suffered an accident .

William Levy has swept his visit to Madrid Europa Press Reports / Europa Press 03/5/2022 Europa Press Reports / Europa Press Europe Press

“In Cuba there are many shortages and of course I have been hungry and, even if you have money, you cannot buy food. They give you food by portions because everyone is the same and living like this is difficult, but one looks for happiness in the midst of all this, “said the interpreter, confessing that despite the material needs he experienced during his childhood, the hardest thing of growing up in the communist country is “that they take away your freedom. Living in a place where you have no future is difficult.”

However, his life changed completely when, as a teenager, he moved with his family to the United States – his father was a political prisoner and the country gave them political asylum – and began a successful career as a model that he later combined with acting, which It has reported popularity and affection from its fans that it appreciates without actually believing it yet.

In addition, during his visit to the program William was also honest about the hardest moment he has ever had to live, when in 2020 one of his children suffered an accident with a golf cart that caused him to lose mobility for months. Those were difficult days, since the actor had to combine the filming of the series with the care of his little one – “it was difficult for me to go to work” he has admitted – but fortunately everything ended in a huge scare: “Thank God my son is fine after a year and a half and with effort and desire he is playing baseball again and that is a happiness for me”.

Confirming the suspicions that William would unleash madness among his Spanish fans as he passed through ‘El Hormiguero’ – in fact Pablo Motos reinforced the security measures to guarantee the actor’s peace of mind during his visit to the program – an avalanche of unconditional fans awaited him in the outside of the set.

Far from hiding and showing his more distant side like the majority of celebrities who visit Spain and who barely let themselves be seen, the protagonist of ‘Café con aroma de mujer’ showed his friendliness and kindness by affectionately attending to all his fans and making dozens of photos with them.

Wearing the best of his smiles and leaving us breathless with his physical attractiveness, William confessed that he is happy in Spain and revealed that he does not rule out settling in our country in the near future: “If God wants yes, to live”. Hit play and don’t miss the moment!

This story was originally published on May 4, 2022 11:59 a.m.

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William Levy unleashes madness in Madrid with his smile and sympathy