William Levy’s ex sends a strong message to Jacky Bracamontes: “I will not tie him up”

William Levy’s ex sends a strong message to Jacky Bracamontes: “I will not tie him up”. And it is that now that the separation between William Levy Y Elizabeth Gutierrez After almost twenty years together, the beloved actress has briefly cleared up some of the rumors surrounding her and the father of her children.

It was days ago when William Levy confirmed that his relationship with Elizabeth Gutierrez, mother of her two children, had come to an end. Although there has been much talk that the breakup was due to the actor’s alleged relationship with a Spanish actress, today it is his ex-partner who has given something to talk about by responding to what Jacqueline Bracamontes wrote about the Cuban actor in his book.

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Four years after Jacky Bracamontes and William Levy coincided in the telenovela “Sortilege” when the former beauty queen revealed that there was a relationship between them and that it ended when she learned that the actor was still with the mother of her child, and that she was expecting a baby. Jacky implied that Elizabeth had gotten pregnant on purpose and that William told her that they were separated.

In a recent interview for the “In Self Defense” podcast, Elizabeth Gutierrez revealed that she never had the need to “tie up” anyone, that she simply had two children and that if that person thought that it was because she was capable of doing it, referring to the fact that Jacky was the mother of five daughters with her current partner. The actress stressed that she did not see the point in talking about it, that she considered what was said in the book to be disrespectful and that although she had another image of Jacky, she had to meet someone completely different.

“…I have never talked about this because it has not interested me…I choose what to answer…and I also think that you are capable of thinking about it, it is because you are capable of doing it, thank God I do not have the need to tie a man, I just I have two children and if you are wondering that person, I don’t know how many, but definitely more than two, so ask her who needs to tie up whom… I admired that person, I thought she was a good woman, unfortunately I had to meet another side of her that no… and nobody has to tell me, I was in Mexico, I lived it… she wants to see herself as a victim when it was not like that.”

Elizabeth Gutierrez He never revealed the name of who he was talking about, but the references were clear and later he only focused on talking about his family. The actress has not given any more statements about her separation, but it is known that she has focused on the well-being of her children.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez and a bright future with her children

With your recent posts, Elizabeth Gutierrez She has given to understand that she is calm with what happened and that now what interests her is simply to continue and move forward. Sharing images where she looks the most beautiful, many have mentioned that William Levy he let go of a great woman who deserves to find someone who knows how to respect, love and value him.

Soap operas like “Elena’s ghost”, “Wild Heart” next to Aracely Arámbula and “christmas miracles” have shown the talent of Elizabeth Gutierrez but also of the great woman that she is because she has always given priority to the care of her children, Christopher and Kailey.

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The break between Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy It happened recently, because until Christmas Posada they had been shown together next to their children, now both have reiterated that beyond gossip their main objective is to maintain the well-being of their children.

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William Levy’s ex sends a strong message to Jacky Bracamontes: “I will not tie him up”