Yailin La Más Viral: this is how she conquered the heart of Anuel AA

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Anuel AA and Karol G They had a relationship that seemed unbreakable, they dedicated posts on social networks and even shared musical successes. But that seemingly solid relationship came to an end in 2021 and it didn’t take long for the Puerto Rican artist to find someone else to make him happy. Who is your new partner?

In early 2022, speculation began that The interpreter of “Adicto” had started a relationship with fellow singer Yailin La Más Viral. Their romance was confirmed shortly after by both artists with a curious post on her Instagram account.

The young woman had just had surgery and shared an emotional video in which she showed the surprise that rreceived while in recovery: several teddy bears. Although he did not specify the identity of the author of the gifts, Anuel AA was the one who confirmed that he was behind the present and that they are in love. Now they even have plans to reach the altar.

Their social networks have become the showcase to expose their relationship and since they made their courtship official, they show off their signs of mutual affection and love that show how close they are. So much so, that they even got engaged. A great news that they revealed when showing the great ring that she gave him Anuel AA to his beloved.

Yailin La Más Viral and the gifts that Anuel AA sent her when she had just undergone surgery.
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“Speechless. Thank you for making me so happy in such a short time EMMAAA”, Yailin wrote in the video description, while Anuel AA He commented: “Mine. More mine than yours.”

Who is Yailin The most viral?

Her real name is Jorge Guillermo Diaz. and although she is a well-known singer and dancer from the Dominican Republic, she began to gain international popularity after starting an affair with Anuel, who has established himself in several Latin American countries and the United States.

He is 21 years old and, according to some media reports in his country, he thought of studying medicine, but finally he chose to have a career related to music, with topics such as “Milk tank” and “Leather”.

Although he has few videos uploaded on his YouTube channel, he has made many collaborations with other Dominican singers, with whom he has positioned himself in the local scene of his native country.

On his Instagram account, singer He has more than a million followers, which recently increased after uploading some stories and videos with Anuel AA.

According to her Instagram profile, she is known to like dancing, tattoos, and wigs. Just take a look at her profile to see the number of wig photos she has of different hair colors like pink, blue, grey, black and white.

Although it is not known how love between the couple arose, what they did share in a TikTok video were the answers to the following questions: Who was first interested in the other? Who gave the first kiss? And who said “I love you” first? And all the questions have the same answer: Anuel AA.

Yailin is the first official couple known from Anuel AA after his breakup with Colombian singer Karol G, whom he got engaged to in 2019. Their relationship began in 2018 and lasted two years. It was at the beginning of last year when they announced that they had put an end to their romance.

His origins

yailin not only stands out for his extravagant style, but also for the popularity of his songs, such as “Chivirika” and “Bellaca”. After becoming the girlfriend of Anuel AA Fame has followed her, but not everything has been rosy for the singer, because during her childhood she faced some difficult tests that have made her the strong woman she is today.

In an interview for the Dominican program “Peluche Radio”, the singer recounted some of the hardest episodes of her childhood. The artist visited her old neighborhood of Los Minos, in Santo Domingo, where she grew up to adolescence together with her mother and how difficult and painful it was to lose her father in a traffic accident when she was only nine years old.

yailin toShe assured that she never went hungry because her father “resolved” her when she was a girl and that her mother was strict and did not let her have a boyfriend until she was 15 years old. In addition, during her childhood she had a hard time in public school and she had to take boxing classes and even got to fight with girls from her school.

Was Anuel AA unfaithful to Karol G with Yailin La Más Viral?

Rumors of the alleged infidelity of Anuel AA toward Carol G with Yailin The Most Viral It arose after the singer of “Tusa” sent a message at a concert, just before singing “A ella”.

“He got into my relationship and took it away from me. But, mommy, at the end of the day, if that’s how it was with me … “said the celebrity. Many pointed out that it was part of the aforementioned theme, as an introduction, but other fans saw it as a message to her ex-partner.

In addition, many reaffirmed this idea, through comments on social networks, when Anuel AA made his relationship with Yailin La Más Viral official through her Instagram account, where she appears in a video with the influencer.

“Let them talk all the sh… they want. I will never leave you alone, “she wrote in her publication on the aforementioned social network. In addition, they were recorded kissing in a very explicit way. While Yailin did the same on her profile, posting another video with very suggestive lyrics.

the look to the future

On her Instagram account, whose followers have grown enormously after confirming her romance with the “Adicto” singer, Yailin The Most Viral She has been seen more in love than ever. For now, the couple enjoys their love and proves it with sensual videos.

Recently, Anuel AA and Yailin premiered their song “Si Tú Me Buscas”“It is the best time to make music and it is something that we are enjoying a lot as a couple,” said the multi-award-winning exponent of reggaeton through a statement.

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Yailin La Más Viral: this is how she conquered the heart of Anuel AA