Yalitza Aparicio is confused with a domestic worker and fans come to her defense: “She has an academic degree”

Yalitza Aparicio She is a teacher by profession, but rose to fame for her participation in the film “Roma”, a project that earned her an Oscar nomination in 2019. However, a few days ago her name was seen in the scandal because a journalist in Mexico mistook her for a domestic workera comment that provoked the fury of social network users who came to her defense to clarify that she is an actress and has an academic degree.

was the columnist Enrique Galvan Ochoa who made an unfortunate comment through her Twitter account on the occasion of the International Day of Domestic Workers that was commemorated on March 30, a situation that was not overlooked by the followers of the native of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, and attacked he.

The message that was described as classist and derogatory can be read: “March 30 marks the international day of domestic workers. None, by the way, has done as well as Yalitza Aparicio. There is a long way to go before they have a job status like in the United States or Europe”, along with a photograph of the renowned Mexican actress.

After the confusion of who is also an economic and financial analyst, users of the same social network came out to clarify that, although Yalizta Aparicio played a domestic worker in the film “Roma” by Alfonso Cuarón, she is an actress and preschool teacher In addition to Time magazine classifying her as the best performance of 2018 and she is currently a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, she has also managed to catapult her image as a model for important international brands.

But Yalitza Aparicio is not a domestic worker. She’s a teacher… She acted like a domestic worker… if you’re aware of this, right?“, “Sir, Yalitza is an actress who played a role as a domestic worker“, “She has an academic degree. She has a Bachelor of Education“, pointed out some users.

After the scandal generated, the journalist clarified that his comment referred to the role he played in the film.

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Yalitza Aparicio is confused with a domestic worker and fans come to her defense: “She has an academic degree”