Zoraida Gómez says how her brother Eleazar is doing a year after being released from prison

“I am happy because I have seen him very changed, with a lot of desire to do new things, to do positive things, to continue with his music, his projects and that is what, as my sister, leaves me calm knowing that he is giving all the desire to be well“, he pointed out in an interview for the program ‘Ventaneando’.

The actress of the telenovela ‘Rebelde’ mentioned that despite the serious situation she went through has had emotional stabilityso he has not presented depression problems.

“I have seen him throughout our lives, that very, very strong things have happened to us, and he always has a very positive and very proactive attitude,” he commented. ” I am very glad that there is no depression issue or anything like that“.

In addition, he shared that he feels deep admiration for his brother, because he has bravely faced the consequences of his actions.

I am surprised and deeply admire him for the courage he has to move forwardof the desire he has, of the energy he handles in any situation,” he added.

Although she was more open than on previous occasions in which she was questioned by the protagonist of ‘Dare to dream’, she made it clear that it is her relative who must speak on the subject.

It is a subject that it would be up to him to answer, not me because we are two individuals. As for me, He is my brother, I love him and I will always be there for him. That is what touches me, he has his life. And when he has to go to events they will ask him, “concluded Zoraida Gómez.

In the same way as in the recent interview, in November 2021, Zoraida gave a few words to the press in which she said she was happy with the progress her brother had made with his psychological therapies.


Eleazar Gómez returns to acting

This April 13, Eleazar Gómez announced through Instagram that will resume his career as an actor in the theater.

So far, he has not revealed the name of the play in which he will play the “wonderful character” that he said he had in his last post on the social network. What he did share is that it is a Garo Producciones project, directed by a friend of his family, producer Jesús Galeana.

Prior to this job opportunity, the actor had been working on a music album. In November 2021, Zoraida Gómez confirmed that his brother had no job offers from producers.

“You know that people are going to say many things, but in the end he is working, he is in what he has to be and that’s it. the contracts will arrive in due course and right now he is workingin the end, how are they going to hire him if he is working with his music?

For his part, the actor who spent four months in prison for equal violence said, in an interview for the Hoy program, last January that the situation he experienced meant a restart of his life.

I’m starting from scratch and that’s what I want to convey to people that has been with me since the beginning of my career and to date. It’s a start from scratch, but it doesn’t mean that nothing exists, it’s that it’s a start that’s always moving forward,” she asserted.

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Zoraida Gómez says how her brother Eleazar is doing a year after being released from prison